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November 2020



Drug policy wins

Whatever depression you may be experiencing regarding the election process in this country right now, you can at least take comfort in the voters coming through in drug policy reform.

Every Single Marijuana And Drug Policy Ballot Measure Passing On Election Day Bolsters Federal Reform Push

Five more states legalized cannabis in some form and Oregon became the first state to legalize psilocybin mushrooms for therapy and also more broadly decriminalize drug possession. Meanwhile, voters in Washington, D.C. also approved a measure to decriminalize psychedelics in the nation’s capital.

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14 comments to Drug policy wins

  • Bonkin'ForJ

    Just in: Israel has decided to legalize cannabis for recreational usage.

    A panel of police and experts have reportedly signed off on a recommendation to fully legalize sale and consumption of cannabis to Israelis aged 21 and over. And a Knesset ministerial committee is reportedly set to recommend the full legalization of cannabis in a report due to be published this week.

    Kindly google: Knesset committee to recommend full legalization of cannabis

  • Bonkin'ForJ

    Just in:

    Israel announces plan to legalize recreational cannabis within 9 months

  • BillyBounce

    The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has eliminated, among other things, recreational cannabis from their list of doping substances. WADA is attached to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and governs athletes in national and international competitions.

  • SebGreenstein

    Here’s another just like the others:

    Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has announced plans to introduce an adult-use cannabis legalization bill when the General Assembly reconvenes in January. Lawmakers in the House of Delegates have indicated that the legislation would likely pass that chamber, while Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw said the issue would have slightly better than 50-50 odds.

  • DdC

    Ganja (Sanskrit) is the Fastest growing living wage job market heading for 300,000 full time by years end.

    Cannabis Industry Is America’s Fastest-Growing Sector, 15% growth 2019 Employs Over 240,000 Full-Time Workers

    Cannabis use among older Americans up 75% in 4 years

    U.S. Federal Cannabis Legalization
    Could Be Worth $128.8 Billion in Taxes
    and 1.6 Million Jobs

    Cannabis & COVID-19: Top Studies 08/20

  • claygooding

    It would be, IMO, the only chance for Biden to gain any grace or dignity.
    The maternal father of the prisons for profit ind and numerous other spinoff orgs ending it would be a miracle.

  • well… I know that as of Dec 3 I will no longer be a felon whilst possessing my herb in Arizona!

    Now I be feeling much safer in my north – south travels here on the best coast.

  • and then there’s this from the “We Don’t Make The Laws, We Just Enforce Them” branch of LE:

    Members of law enforcement sue to halt marijuana legalization in South Dakota

  • Now Live


  • CJ

    Hello everyone. This is CJ. Longtime users who know me here I say hello, happy holidays to you all… to anyone new who reads this hello to you too… this post right now is, it’s kind of a prologue to a post I hope to make tomorrow because I dont think right now I could write the meat and potatoes of the situation, being knee deep in the mix as I am at this second but it does my anxieties some good just to at least write this much… I am coming looking for some help and advice… some bizarre things have been happening for several years now with my health… I think i talked about it a little last time when our good friend told me folks were wondering how I was doing which was really touching to me. But for instance how I gave 20 vials of blood from a thumb vein at NYU and it revealed nothing other then inhuman levels of bile retention and HIV esque levels of low almost non existant white and red blood cells And some other stuff… that was 2018 but these issues started early 2017 but some of the stuff I wonder about actually if some thing has been going on for decades but I was young and had a good immune system or whatever… like ugh I hate to admit this but I trust my friends here and I just better… well if I can say so humbly I was a good looking boy… ok but in recent years inexplicably and unexplainable the skin around my eyes and indeed elsewhere its like…. disappearing and it’s like not a small thing… but when I noticed it first a couple years ago… I went back and saw a very small indication of it in some photos from like 10 years prior. So that’s what I mean…

    And I’ve seen so many doctors guys as I know that is likely the first thing I think alot of folks would advice and I’m telling you with alot of the stuff they straight up tell me they do not know. What the hell do you do at that point?

    I told you guys my dad was my savior the love of my life my everything and he died. He was one of those guys that was like beloved by all. A very charismatic insanely caring italian man who was colorful and the purest soul just he loved everyone he loved life he loved making people happy to the point he ignored himself. So I had a doctor for decades. She was more than a doctor though she was a close friend of my dads and though we didnt see eye to eye with stuff and I resented her at times she went to his funeral and she is a very capable doctor. when the problems got bad at first I went to her first.. but eventually I went to NYU. Well after countless doctors couldnt help I considered her my last option hoping for the sake of my dad she would be inclined to help because I think things are so messed up that I need a doctor who would have like a special interest in helping me… I thought I might be able to get that with her… but I mean… when I saw her a few months ago she seemed to afraid of coronavirus to properly examine me. I told her what I just said to you all and I begged her to help me for my FATHERS sake and she acknowledged our history but still….

    So to be clear right after I got off the street I continued to use regularly.. let’s say I been inside 6 years so maybe the first half I was using heroin and cocaine the heroin regularly but the coke once in awhile. eventually it became a once in awhile thing and sometimes I’d stop for long stretches or do it once a week. When my dad got diagnosed with cancer at first I fell off the deep end, recovered myself, then fell off again and recovered again. When he died it was like a suicide mission where it was intense everyday use up until july 19 of this year. By that point it was clear the using was having a direct effect on my health problems i had hoped it was the sole thing responsible… things had gotten so bad I was thinking I’d be dead soon if I didnt stop. So I did.

    Since july there was 1 incident and I felt so sick from doing it that it just reaffirmed my quitting. And some health issues did improve but not at all completely. Some things got a little better… like that bile issue was getting progressively worse like any time I gave blood I’d set a new guiness record. One of the great liver doctors wanted to do a biopsy but it was all happening at the same time things were going all over the place with my dad I totally neglected myself….

    So for the past 2 years and a half now I had just assumed I was setting new world records for bile retention and july 19 when I made the decision to quit and not kill myself i gave it almost 3 months… I wanted to wait longer before seeing the life long doctor person… what happened was years ago after noticing the skin around my eyes I absolutely refused to look at myself in a mirror. I shit you not my friends. That was my cowardly way of handling things. So like 2 months after the july 19 quit date I accidentally did my reflection finally and it broke me. It broke me.

    So I decided to make the appointment immediately. I did.

    So one of the other issues are bizarre scars that appear for no reason. Bizzare circles with a thick red ring and it’s amazing because it is insane how they are almost perfectly located for example on the left wrist where theres one theres one on the exact same corresponding place on the opposite wrist and it’s like that wherever they are basically. They are mostly on the back of my hands and wrist but some shit even was on my nose and theyve been on my biceps. I’ve seen 4 dermatologists. One was so horrible she let me leave with a full blown STAPH infection she hadn’t even bothered to examine. The staph infection began as just one of this unexplainable random scars and really they are unexplainable. Plenty of times I’ve wrapped my arm up in medical wrap or worn gloves or whatever next thing you know a full day passes I take it off and somehow someway one has appeared under the wrap or gloves. Sometimes they are blood blisters or bizarre just small balls of fluid but they always heal and wind up looking like the circular ring scar.

    Theres diabetes in the birth family and when I looked up diabetes scars i saw for the first time search results that finally looked like my problem. On top of that I began to notice how my mood would be insanely improved and I’d feel alot better after eating so I became convinced I had diabetes.

    Well somehow someway I saw the family friend doctor we gave blood (finally have veins in my arms again) and wtf it came back she said no diabetes and nothing was up at all with the bile. I didnt know what to say. I was happy but again confused.

    Ok guys I said I wanted to make this a prologue and I got carried away but let me just say why and the events of the past few days.

    I came here because, to any new folks, I was cardboard on concrete food from the garbage sign holding junkie prostitute for a long time. Shooting heroin getting arrested etc etc. It was because of an arrest in 2010 or 2011 that I cooled off for a year and did methadone and found this website. Well i had my close friends who were as experienced as me or more so who i trusted almost like family. In 2020 they are almost all dead in fact two died this year both directly or indirectly partially due to drug war insanity and the hell it ravaged on their souls and lives and families. They both took their own lives. The people I could look to for help with just experience or knowledge to anyone out there trying to learn about the realities of the drug war I’m telling you dozens and dozens of friends and they were all not overly old whatsoever but they are mostly dead or disappeared or for whatever reason no longer in contact because they’re on some 12 step zero contact shit or whatever. Literally there is no one left for me to turn to. I have friends but we weren’t that close and although we went through the streets together and there will always be something deeper to our relationship those are a very small number and next to impossible to reach and it just isnt able to work. I couldnt post this on Facebook because after my father died alot of family found me on there and I try not to be explicit on there…

    So I felt this was the only place i could turn to. My dads one year death anniversary happened 3 days ago and i couldnt handle it. So I got stuff from the guy I’ve dealt with exclusively for many years. The results were terrifying and something I have never experienced and I dont understand. Frankly it has scared me. And it’s like I could picture telling the doctor about it and knowing she has no sympathy for drug use and she might say something like “the solution is dont do it” but thats not the point. I dont want to better understand the situation in order to figure out how to successfully get high, my concern is why my body is doing what it’s doing and what that might actually mean regarding this health issue going on for years.

    So I wrote this all while going thru a physical hell. I will end it now saying thank you to anyone who read all of this and who may be inclined to help. I need to explain the specifics when I’m not knee deep in this bizarre and extreme pain. So I will look to explain it all more fully hopefully tomorrow…. stay safe everyone stay safe

    • darkcycle

      Go to Mayo. Seriously, Mayo Clinic doctors are the only ones I know of that will go out of their way to figure out a mystery illness….they are an endowment, I believe, and get paid regardless of what your insurance will cover, and they are heavy hitters. Talk to Mayo. Kinda knew about your issues from our conversations…hope you are doing better, CJ. Hang in there, brother.

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