Bill Maher on pot

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  1. divadab says:

    Yep – Perhaps Pres Obama will show some signs of leadership on this issue. But if he doesn’t, oh well, seeds are in the ground and the market goes on. A completely free market, operating without legal protection or regulation. And it works very well.

    Yea to the free market. Nay to government regulation that is in restraint of trade.

  2. claygooding says:

    The racial application of the drug laws is finally registering with most religious leaders,,they are not standing up and talking about it(TMK)yet but it is the next step. When the churches stand up and call for an end to discriminatory prosecution of the poor and minorities.
    All judges,law enforcement should be held accountable for allowing the racial application of drug laws to continue,,too few have stood up and said squat and they are continuing the policy still.
    For them too claim it is unintentional is imbecilic,,any scan of any court docket or arrest statistics shouts it at them.

  3. darkcycle says:

    Meh. Maher doesn’t do it for me. Didn’t like the slam on medical one bit, either.

    • claygooding says:

      I did not read it as a slam on MMJ but a slam on the government because they had the “don’t ask,don’t tell policy for a decade or so before abandoning the policy and turned the military into en equal opportunity sexual harassment organization.

  4. Pete bulkner says:

    Marijuana is linked to pedophiles

  5. Jean Valjean says:

    Bradley Manning is to be tried without a jury and largely in secret. How long before this type of trial becomes widespread for drug cases I wonder, particularly if jury nullification gets to be widespread? At least with W you knew you were getting a fascist from the start…

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Bah, Mr. Bush the lesser and his faithful ward Dick were much too busy plundering the U.S. Treasury to worry too much about cannabis law enforcement.

  6. Plant Down Babylon says:

    For what it’s worth couch mates, I won my Hawai’i state supreme court case regarding MMJ transportation. 4-1 in my favor.

    Kops/prosecutors were saying med users could not transport anywhere in public regardless of what the law said.

    I proved them WRONG.

    Hopefully this sets a precedent and stops the needless arrest/prosecution of thousands of patients in this state.

    This happened friday. I owe a big THANKS to my PD’s and especially Dr. Charles Webb and his wife Sandy (who work tirelessly on the legislative level), Friends for Justice, Americans for Safe Access, ACLU and anyone else I might have forgotten! And, it didn’t cost me a DIME (except time/effort). OH! I gotta thank the state (taxpayers) for paying for ALL OF IT.

    one more brick has fallen….

  7. allan says:

    yah mon… chant down Babylon indeed…

  8. Tony Aroma says:

    I’m generally not a big fan, but this piece is well done and makes several good points (which readers here are all probably already aware of).

    I’ve always thought the parties had it backwards with respect to prohibition. Limited government, personal freedom and responsibility versus a nanny government that insists on protecting people from themselves. It’s an issue tailor made for Republicans, and couldn’t hurt with respect to attracting younger voters. They should jump on the legalization bandwagon but, as Mr. Maher pointed out, they won’t. Not that too many Democrats are doing much jumping either. I think it boils down to most politicians not wanting to go out on a limb, in spite of how sturdy that limb has become. It’s up to the people to lead and politicians, hopefully, to follow.

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