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On the road again… Off to visit my folks in Quincy, Illinois and Indianola, Iowa. I’ll stop in when I can.

Everybody have a wonderful holiday season, and if you’re traveling, be safe (be safe regardless).

There’s eggnog in the refrigerator and fruitcake in the pantry. (Not sure how long the fruitcake’s been there — I think I bought it from a Kiwanis member a few years ago.) And the gingerbread characters hanging on the tree are edible.

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  1. ezrydn says:

    To all my couch mates, have a wonderfully Merry Christmas. We need to work a bit harder to make it a “Greater” New Year but we know how now. We’ve made it through the year without seed holes in the couch, which Pete’s probably thankful for. We can dismantle the tree for him before his return.

    Skipper, my Goffin Cockatoo, knows who’ll be here to see him tomorrow night. He’s incorageable at the moment. LOL Got a whole bag of new toys for him and more of his “favorite seeds.” 😉

    If anything’s going over the cliff in 2013, it’s the Prohibs. We will NOT be denied! It’s not too late to begin registering your fire missions. We need to come out of the New Year gate with all tubes smokin’! Time someone gave them a new definition of dedication. We, too, understand our “Last Ounce of Courage” and are willing ti give it for the cause of Reform.

    Pete, enjoy your trip. You, too, be careful. We all know you’ll return, rested and ready to kick som Prohib butt and take some names. Tell the folks all of us on the couch said Hi.

    Now, where’s I hide that joint?………

  2. Jeff Trigg says:

    Mmmmmm gingerbread cookies. 🙂

  3. darkcycle says:

    We gave the fruitcake to Wiggles last month, Pete. I’m not sure if he ate it or not, but I’m not going up there to ask for it back. No way.

  4. darkcycle says:

    Oh yeah, safe trip and all our best to the P’s. Happy Holidays.

  5. Drwoo says:

    So you are saying the fruit cake is still good? Sweet!

    • allan says:

      I once actually had good fruitcake. Down in Texas, a bluebonnet (lupine to the rest of the world) was on the label. But that was 40 years ago… which if I’d have saved one, would make it – in fruitcake years – still in it’s infancy.

  6. claygooding says:

    Merry Christmas all and safe travel to any that have to venture forth in this weather.

  7. Duncan20903 says:

    13 is my lucky number!

  8. thelbert says:

    5o we h@ve to 5ing c@rol5 w/o you? merry xm@5 Pete

    • thelbert says:

      different keyboard now, with all the letters. went caroling last night with the neighbors, about twentyfive of us or so. a good time was had by all. Merry Christmas brothers and sisters. hope your winter crops do as well as your summer crops.

  9. Dante says:

    Thanks, Pete. Have a great holiday yourself.

    And while you were out I thought I’d look around….

    found your Pet Rock …..

    some really old T-shirts ….

    even older LP’s … ooh .. Frampton Comes Alive …

    I’ll let myself out.

    • Windy says:

      My oldest grandchild (age 24) gave my husband on old LP, Cheech and Chong album, *Los Cochinos@#!!* for Xmas. She found it accidentally, while looking for an old Pink Floyd LP for a friend of hers. Funny thing, we no longer have a phonograph player to play the darn thing.

      Coincidentally, I got an iPod from hubby, first one I’ve ever had. I’ve so much music stored on my computer, when it synced for the first time it downloaded EVERYTHING to the iPod, well almost everything, 18 songs were unable to be downloaded because the iPod was full. Now I get to go back through it all and delete the stuff I don’t want on my iPod, AND all the duplicates (some songs different albums).

      Hope everyone’s Xmas was as wonderful as ours, the whole family was able to be together, good food, lots of laughter, and good weed, good music (watched 3 concerts — Pink, Heart’s Dreamboat Annie and Heart’s Night at Sky Church, would have watched David Gilmore Live at Royal Albert Hall, but the other three adults pooped out and went to bed early, leaving only me, so here I am at the computer until I get tired.

  10. claygooding says:

    The Single Best Anti-Gun-Death Policy? Ending the Drug War!

    “”Universal gun confiscation is impossible, and even aggressive gun control might not dramatically reduce gun-related deaths. But ending our ridiculous and expensive war on drugs could.

    Ending the drug war would involve reducing all of these incentives to murder. Treating addicts in hospitals and rehab centers, instead of sticking them in prisons, would reduce demand for drugs, lowering the price and starving gangs of income while reducing their incentive to wage turf wars. Decriminalization would relieve pressure on our prison system, allowing us to focus on keeping violent people off the streets instead of pointlessly punishing drug users for destroying their own health. And full legalization of recreational marijuana — which is already proceeding quickly among the states, but is still foolishly opposed by the Obama administration — is an obvious first step.”” ‘snip’

    The banks and corporations requiring protection from hemp on an open market will never allow marijuana legalization.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Umm, so what’s the point of being a cannabis law reform advocate if they’re going to just say no?

      Please don’t be a defeatist. It’s bad for the blood pressure. If the powers that be could dictate reality only white male land owners would be allowed to vote in the U.S.

      In reality I think we’ve already proven that assertion wrong. Why in the world would they have allowed medicinal cannabis patient protection laws to be adopted by 18 States + D.C.? How the heck did Colorado and Washington manage to pass A-64 and I-502? But no need to worry. Once they see the inevitability of cannabis law reform they flip-flop and start taking their profits from the legal market.

      • claygooding says:

        Duncan,they are allowing marijuana legalization while maintaining production/distribution prohibition which will also include hemp prohibition. If the federal government can keep states jumping through hoops,,as they have with mmj,,any outdoor grows of marijuana will be raided and by keeping marijuana production inside,,hemp remains banned.

        The feds are going to keep hemp off the market as long as possible and the price of any states commercial marijuana sufficient to maintain the black market. By keeping the prices at or above present levels they get to also claim the lack of success legalization has at atopping the black market,,even though it is the feds policies that insures that the black market thrives.

  11. Peter says:

    Morman hypocrisy (Sen. Mike Crapo arrested for DUI):

    “Crapo even bragged about abstaining from alcohol.

    Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo might seem like an unlikely person to be pushing a bill to cut federal taxes on small beer-makers: A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he abstains from alcohol.

    But Crapo’s effort, with senators from Oregon, Massachusetts and Maine, illustrates the deep bond between Idaho Mormons and the beer industry.

    Mormon farmers raise barley for Budweiser and Negra Modelo beers, and last year, Mormons in the Idaho Legislature helped kill a plan to raise beer and wine taxes to fund drug treatment, fearing it could hurt farmers.
    What a bunch of hypocrites!”

    • Servetus says:

      The Mormon preoccupation with clean living gets thrown out the window when money is involved.

      For instance, the pit bosses in the casinos in Las Vegas are often Mormons, even though they don’t gamble. And I once knew a Mormon woman who owned a portfolio of stock in tobacco companies, even though she didn’t smoke cigarettes. Then there was Mitt Wit RMoney, who funded Bain Capital with $9-million he obtained from the scum known for having financed and instigated the death squads in El Salvador.

      Searching for Sen. Crapo, I didn’t find any comments from him about marijuana, only derisive comments about meth. He’s still a right-wing crank, though. Too bad he didn’t just burn a doobie instead of getting drunk. I doubt he would have run a red light, otherwise.

  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Pete – stay healthy and high when it helps!

  13. Firefighter Frank says:

    Happy holidays to all my friends on the couch, thanks for making my mornings better reading the great points you all make. Keep the faith. We will prevail. Peace.

  14. ezrydn says:

    I don’t know if anyone noticed but Pete hung mistletoe over the couch. Evidently a joke on the guys. Maria and
    Hope need to be careful. LOL

  15. Duncan20903 says:


    Oh…my…gawed! How in the hell can the authorities in Bong County even think of “cracking down” on cannabis cultivation??

    Once again we see that the United States is still the world leader in the production of high quality hysterical rhetoric. The hysterical rhetoric in the article linked above is just plain bush league and laughable. Here’s a sample:

    Anthony Souh, said marijuana is illegal, no matter what.

    “You cannot take crime to be an income-generating activity. What is a crime is a crime,” he stressed. “To go into drugs does not justify one’s desire to make money because there are other cash crops that can make money as well.”

  16. Byddaf yn egluro: says:

    Peace and Prosperity to all!

    • Peter says:

      “you people?”

      • claygooding says:

        Drive by trolling,,it’s the latest fad.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Now isn’t that a dictionary picture example of a conniption fit or what? Don’t be unfair people. He’s got a point, we are rather cliquish and snobby. Perhaps we should consider letting him join in on the reindeer games? Perhaps arrange to have a conference with Emily Post so we can mend our evil ways vis a vis the social graces?

        He’s also got a keen eye. I am unemployed and forced to live off of the steady income from my investments. Why, I even list “layabout” as my profession on my 1040. In a few months I should also be fully qualified as an elite level slug-a-bed so no one can say I’m not working to better myself. I’m just trying to be the best Duncan20903 that I can be.

        Go to hell? Moi? That doesn’t scare me a bit because I’ve got a gold plated passport to hell. I’ve had that trip to Hades planned and booked for almost 30 years now. I think if heaven was anywhere near as great as its press claimed they wouldn’t have to advertise and demonize the people on “the side of the angels” all the time. I never hear Lucifer bad mouthing the competition.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        “They” are the people who are out to get him. Shouldn’t that go without saying?

        I’ve been meaning to ask, didn’t the CIA stop using radio waves for mind control in favor of Wi-Fi capable neural interfaces?

    • Byddaf yn egluro: says:

      Kev, we’ve all been around long enough to know when a parasitic prohibitionist is using a “concerne troll”. Kindly go and do something useful or find yourself another lost cause!

  17. Common Science says:

    Thanks clay! Waiting out another x-mas eve flight delay with Breaking Taboos to fill the time.
    And many thanks Pete, for bringing together the best heads a blog could possibly support! I do feel blessed to be in the mix when you guys and gals share the facts, ideas and action. Merry christmas & happy new year everybody.

  18. darkcycle says:

    Safe travels to you people still trekking. I’m where I need to be, with the important people right here. So time to treat myself with some Trainwreck Glass….hash oil so pure you can see through it, and it shatters when you try to break it up. Mmmmm….Merry Christmas all!

  19. allan says:

    well I just returned from my pre-xmas christmas w/ the fam up in WA. Damn it’s wet. Snow up there for christmas day. Enjoyed the turkey, ham, mashed taters, gravy, dressing, green been casserole, sweet taters, pumpkin pie, cookies, seasonal alcohol mixes (bowls of ganja in the garage w/ Uncle Allan)… all w/ 3 nephews, 4 nieces, sis and bro-in-law, bro, 4 great nephews and my great niece and… managed to squeeze in watching the Seahawks kick the 49ers butt. (and every adult in my family living in WA voted FOR 502)

    Took Amtrak and ate some green cookies for the ride up, saw bald eagles, sandhill cranes, swans, geese, ducks and deer. Enjoyed silent mornings in the country, somebody else’s cooking(!) and realized that bro-in-law’s cow (Dortmander) stands over 6′ at the shoulder.

    I hope that all my couchmates enjoy the positives of this season and the love of their friends and families. Best wishes to you all. And of course a thousand thanks to Pete for providing the space we share here.

  20. David L. Marsh Sr. says:

    Merry Christmas.

  21. darkcycle says:

    Wrapping paper in a giant pile. Hot scones for breakfast. Toys all opened and played with and broken, and repaired.
    Merry Christmas.
    P.S. Hex bugs…best stoner toy currently out there. I’m gonna like this one!

  22. claygooding says:

    molasses cookies with 1/2 oz sugar leaf ground to dust ans sauteed in a stick of butter,then re-chilled.

    egg nog with Cognac to chase the cookies down with,,it is a white Christmas now with sleet falling,changing to snow in a bit,,good day not to drive anywhere.

    Ground deer thawing for a Christmas supper of deer chili,,breakfast of champions!

  23. Liam says:

    The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.
    (George Carlin)

    Merry Christmas and a healthy new year to all. Thanks Pete.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Indeed that is true. St. Nickolaus is also the patron Saint of prostitutes. Every year I hear the prohibitionists’ wailing and gnashing of teeth screeching “what about the children Doesn’t anyone care about the children?” from the same people who let this perverted dirty old man sneak into their homes in the middle of the night and ply their children with candy and toys. Ho ho ho indeed.

  24. War Vet says:

    Santa is out of business . . . the Private Prison Industrial Complex will be making all the toys: like the Jonesing little Sally Doll, Meth recipe trading cards, Doll houses containig DEA agents doing a search warrant, plastic poppy scoring knives, Animal shaped baloons for swalloing drugs, shoot-a-family pet video game, Felons and Drugies Role Playing Game, Human Stew making kit, Call of Duty: ATF Fast and Furious Edition, Whack-a-Dispensary, Double sided Obama Mask, Schedule One Scrabble, SWAT action figures, Calderon Ken Doll, THC Saliva Kits, Silent Eric Holder Doll, Guess who Snitched board game etc.

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