Breaking the Taboo

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6 Responses to Breaking the Taboo

  1. Mooky says:

    Cool!! Out a few hours early??

    No problem by me!! :).

  2. primus says:

    That is a powerful presentation. Now, we need more non-believers to see it.

  3. I am going to hold a Breaking the Taboo party.

  4. Freeman says:

    Well done, and the timing couldn’t be better!

  5. claygooding says:

    excellent presentation,I feel we will hear more from Richard Branson’s son in film.

  6. War Vet says:

    Tears of joy and pain . . . It’s one thing for me to research, preach on, seek out with travel and believe 9/11 and the war on terror happened only because drugs are illegal -but it’s totally different and quite chilling when you hear the same exact words one has long known to be true to be mentioned on this film. Hope and extreme fear follows after watching this. One thing the American public doesn’t see when hearing the term ‘war on drugs’ is the actual collapse of the World Trade Centers, thousands of U.S. soldiers coming home with no arms and legs, 6,000 plus U.S. soldiers dead in the Middle East . . . tanks, bombs, IED’s, families being forced to be separated for thousands of days because of multiple deployments -all because drugs are illegal -something that can be far more hellish than prison or an addiction . . . I would rather sit on a 20yr sentence for drugs than to sit in a wheelchair with no arms, no legs, no dick, no tongue and no eyes for drugs. I’ve never seen a single soul die from using too much heroin, but I’ve known plenty who died because heroin gave birth to a bomb or bullet. Sad, we’ll destroy a young black, or white, or Asian, or Hispanic man or woman’s family and neighborhood over drug laws and its negative cause and effects, and then we’ll destroy his or her life in a war zone over drugs -a military life they sought out as a means of succeeding in a life that has more obstacles in it because of the ‘war on drugs’ and it’s toll on families and neighborhoods.

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