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72 Responses to Victory

  1. sixtyfps says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

    Constitutional showdown!

    Feds with tails between their legs!

    Scapegoating from neighboring states!

    Cats purged from bags!

  2. C.E. says:

    This is good news, but 100% is not accurate. It’s still illegal under federal law. But the feds are going to have to answer some uncomfortable questions now.

  3. Chris says:

    I’m glad to see this!

  4. drwoo says:

    Time for the temper tantrum!

    • Hope says:

      The temper tantrum has begun. I just saw a newscaster with a hangdog face saying, “Marijuana has been legalized in Colorado and Washington for anyone who wants to get high.”

  5. Jeff Trigg says:

    Great news. As a former WA resident, I might’ve had a hard time voting for that monstrosity, but nonetheless, its good news it passed even if it outlaws every cannabis user from ever driving legally again. Even better in Colorado. And MA. Tough luck in Arkansas, but it did better than I would’ve imagined there.

    What will Obama do about Colorado and Washington? He’ll be an assclown, like he has always been.

    Obama taught Election Law and Constitutional Law at U of Chicago. Illinois Election Law was ruled Unconstitutional by the 7th Circuit in Lee v. Keith, that Lisa Madigan didn’t dare appeal to SCOTUS because Illinois election law obviously discriminated against independent candidates by keeping them completely off the ballot for 25 years. Obama was a State Senator WHILE teaching Election and Constitutional law and he never noticed (more like ignored) that Illinois’ ballot access laws violated the US Constitution. Obama failed as an Election Law teacher, Obama failed as a Constitutional Law teacher, Obama failed as a State Senator, Obama failed as a US Senator, and when it comes to Colorado and Washington, the United States, and the rest of the world, Obama will continue to fail as the President.

    Obama is an assclown, as someone said in comments very recently. Barack Obama is our number one opponent for the next four years. Pick a side.

    • Jeff Trigg says:

      Gary Johnson is doing well by recent historical standards, which is also good to see. I get the message sent with those votes, even if others may not.

      Gary Johnson may surpass Libertarian Ed Clark’s record showing in 1980 when the Peoria (IL) Journal Star endorsed the Libertarian candidate over Ronald Reagan, who went to Eureka College in the Peoria area. Not nearly enough to save us from fiscal disaster, but good to know there are a million likeminded folks out there when the government pension/benefits/welfare debts come due and the SHTF like it has in Greece.

    • Jame T says:

      Your absolutely wrong about the DUID provision! Right now it is against the law to drive under the influence of marijuana and they test for inactive components if they decide to blood test you at all.. Now that it is legal to use marijuana the police have to have probable cause and test for active components of marijuana! I suggest nobody smoke a joint and drive… So, stop lying!!

  6. allan says:

    my first thought… ? There won’t be any more ignoring us. We’re here babe… we’re here to stay and we will prevail.

    Is there still an anti-prohibition party? And if not, who’s gonna start one?

    Ethan Nadelmann talked about civil disobedience a few years back. Is it time?

    And ya know… even here in Oregon, right now M80 is at 45 – 55, which, all things considered, ain’t too shabby. I mean Paul Stanford did that without much real support until the end… not everyone’s favorite activist but still, there it is… I give it a “close but just not quite there”

    There’s a saying I learned back in my military days while stationed in Texas that fits the wins in WA and CO and what it means for us and the level of discourse about drug policy and cannabis in particular…

    hell yeah…

    That’s some nice hammer swingin’ y’all. Woo f’ing hoo! Had to break out a chunk o’ ‘ash for 64 and 502 and now I realize how glad I am that Willard is gone now too! Lord, that man… not many make me yell at the TV, but Mr Rmoney had the gift.

    OK, which states are next?

    Do we get a new drug kzar? Or are we stuck w/ Droop Dogg?

  7. N.T. Greene says:

    And tomorrow we may very well know how the feds will react to this.

    My hope is that they’ll do the rational thing for once: keep their guns holstered and let progress be made for once.

    Of course, we’re probably looking at a Supreme Court challenge of some sort — but if medical can survive that sort of thing, I don’t see how they plan to overturn it.

  8. pfroehlich2004 says:

    Kudos to everyone who worked on these campaigns, donated money, wrote letters, called voters, and MADE IT HAPPEN!!!

    So then, let’s start calculating the odds for 2014! My three favorites are Alaska, Nevada, and Maine. All three have demonstrated strong support for mj law reform, plus have the added benefit of being relatively cheap places to qualify ballot initiatives.

    Nevada and Colorado both voted on legalization in 2006 and the NV measure garnered 44.1% -three points more than the CO measure. If CO could do it this year, NV should be able to do it in 2014.

    AK managed 44.3% in 2004, so they should stand an even better chance than NV.

    ME has yet to vote on a legalization initiative but a dispensary measure got 58.6% in 2009, an off election year. Given that dispensaries are viewed by most of the electorate as legalization by another name, I think Mainers would be happy to drop the medical requirement.

    Thoughts from the rest of the couch???

  9. darkcycle says:

    We’ll see. I’m wondering what the options are for the feds in the courts. We’ve gone over the options as we see them pretty thoroughly here several times. The courts aren’t likely to be kind to the Feds on this one. In any case, a loss will be for all the beans, and they may not want to risk that. It could mean the entire edifice of prohibition coming down. My guess is they will take whatever route they perceive as preserving the prohibition they have left to them. They won’t risk it all in a courtroom right now.
    P.S. Good job folks. We deserve a hearty Huzzah!

    • divadab says:

      There was general smokey celebration at my house last night! HOwever, I’m not about to go out and open a Marijuana Store at the mall just yet. I’ll leave that for people who are willing to risk asset forfeiture from the thrashing beast of prohibition as it struggles for credibility and funding.

      The fed prohibition machine will not go out without a fight. And they have the tools to make life very difficult – just look what the fuckers did to Harborside. They always go after the best because that’s what evil bullying dominionist bastards do. On our dime, and we have to fight them on our dime also. And we are winning, winning big, and they will leave the field in due course with their golden pensions, also on our dime.

  10. Curmudgeon says:

    Mr. President; the time for that conversation about marijuana (which you have been avoiding) is NOW!

  11. OhutumValik says:

    I’m overwhelmed and inspired. You guys have made history! Now it’s everybody else’s turn to get with the program. I really think that what the voters in Washington and Colorado did yesterday will bring legalization closer also here. After all, my native country Estonia is famous for blindly following the American lead in the WoSD. Maybe now more eyes will start opening and the change we can believe in will actually come before I become a grandfather (my oldest daughter is 3 years old).

  12. Plant Down Babylon says:

    WOW! Two states! Stoked. can’t believe it…

    Kevie can SUCK IT. looks like his salary just doubled as his puppet masters are gonna need him to double double doublespeak from now on.

  13. Nunavut Tripper says:

    Congratulations to everyone one who worked to make this historical milestone happen.
    Inspiration for us to continue our fight here in Nazi Canada.


  14. claygooding says:

    HO-hum,,,wheres a prohibitionist to kill?

    Type in marijuana news in your search bar,,,gawd it feels,,,,right

  15. CJ says:

    congratulations my pot loving friends. i seriously mean it i am not being a dick. i half expected none of you to be here anymore and that youd have moved to colorado or washington and would never be heard from again! but alas! my adoption issues, needy issues and fear of seperation issues were just making me paranoid (that or the crack with lemon juice ive been speedballing with all morning 🙂 ) nevertheless in all seriousness, listen i am so happy for you guys i really really am i consider you my sisters and brothers in what is, for my lifetime, my lifes cause, my lifes work, my lifes goal, my point of being alive. some live for their families, some live for themselves, some live for their jobs, some live for love (romantic type) some live for music, some live but live for nothing and maybe thats the saddest case, and i am gonna be honest with you, i used to live for other things, that was long ago though and i live for this now – drug reform, yes, in the corporate office building that would be drug reform my section of the quarters would be the extremely quiet opiate quarter – that because me and my colleagues would be totally nodded out during the work day and thus making no noise aside from the occassionally scratching of ourselves.

    nevertheless, as im sure there were folks fighting against pol pot secretly, we all know about the underground rail road, speak easy’s, the counter movement to nazism etc yes these were issues where folks gave their lives and we are the unfortunate lot (Except alot of folks now because they’re alive to see pot legalized in colorado and washington!) that have this drug prohibition in our lifetime so yes i do give my life to it…and i am super proud today for my stoner friends and im super proud for folks like pete here and so many others the folks at stop the drug war and so many whove spent so long and worked so hard, what a day, huh guys? i mean, i feel triumphant in spite of myself i dont know why but my junkie gf keeps telling me to watch and see how washington and colorado have no more crime and make so much money and how thatll be the first domino to fall eventually on the domino path to knocking over the opiate legalization domino well she is smarter than i and i think shes right. nevertheless i do feel proud although i feel a little wierd too like, i dont know, i just feel kinda like, i would imagine a sports fan would (i hate sports) you know? a sports fan loves their team and when their team wins they are happy but ultimately they have to realize the sports team doesnt care about him and the sports team does not include him, he was not on the field/court etc he did not really win anything… is that right?? am i just.. did i just not do enough heroin this morning guys? maybe thats whats wrong with me… so, in all seriousness i am so happy for you guys, i hope you have the money to move to colorado or washington (id say washington but thats just me) and be happy doing what you have every right to do and sticking your middle finger up at the likes of kevin sabeet and the feds and Kirlikowske and everybody else (careful stinkin that middle finger up while clutching a roach in your pointer finger and thumb!!) i am super happy for you guys and i can not think of a more appropriate way to salute you my sisters and brothers than with a shot of the good stuff. this shots for you guys. it really is. i guess in your honor i will find a tye dye t-shirt as well and listen to some neil young, jethro, almond bros .. even though it probably wont work the same as my usual dirty clothes and say, the la’s there she goes (great heroin song!) and the velvet u’s waiting for my man.. nevertheless i intend to make today a tribute to my friends here and at other sites because i am really really happy for you guys and let me tell you something, i mean this as no insult, if some of you, as is surely inevitable, do decide to move to washington or colorado and we never hear from you again in reform, thats okay, hey, i understand, i mean, if it was all opiates could be bought at proper prices otc including the beautiful dillaudid, the wonderful roxicet, the oxy, heroin etc. etc. i’d be tempted myself to bask in the glory of victory and be happy and never seen again in reform.. but, idk, for some reason i would never stop until everybody could do what they want (including crystal meth) because its the principal nothing else, its the right to do with my body what i want without fear of government locking me up etc. etc. no matter what that is, crack, crystal meth etc. and, for some reason and it may just be me but when i do my D.O.C i get impassioned about this cause instead of so euphoric that i only care about myself and being happy…. so i would still be here, still pissed, still pissing people off, still coming off ignorant, still wanting you to be able to snort all the meth you want at the non prohibition (and therefor non life destroying) price. I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR REAL AND I AM SO F’N PROUD OF YOU! I PAID NO ATTENTION TO THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ‘CUZ IN NYC ITS DIFFICULT TO VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT (i wanted to vote for ron paul, but, i could not do that anywhere in the city, i read all what Pete said about Gary Johnson and third parties and i actually would have voted for Johnson’s VP if Johnson’s VP was the libertarian candidate and not the VP but it ultimately upset me that Johnson only talks about pot legalization, when asked about heroin he says lets start with pot. His pot bias upset me so i would not vote for him.) ANYWAYS yes I paid NO attention to the presidential election but rather did nothing but think of you guys and spend all day watching the Colorado and Washington ballots for pot legalization and i was worried… i live in NYC and spent the majority of my life when compared with all the places ive lived (and ive lived in many all over the world – i am usually a homeless nomadic junkie.. havent been for a little over a year now, but thats usually my way) BUT i was BORN in Portland, Oregon and consider myself an Oregonian – infact when i said i dont like sport earlier i was a little mistaken i am a devout Trailblazer fan (and Oregon Ducks fan) but i was very very upset with my home state yesterday and for those of you not born in Oregon you may wonder why a place like Oregon didn’t pass it yesterday considering how cutting edge Oregon is usually well let me just tell you guys, being an Oregonian it is my place to say this and thats this, for all the forward thinking we do in Oregon we still have way too many rednecks and they are some of the dumbest and most ignorant bastards you will ever know. Furthermore, i am ashamed of Oregon dropping the ball yesterday. I love to point out this fact right now that i am so very proud of that NY is the heroin mecca of the USA but Oregon is #2 – thats right! more dope doing in Oregon than LA and anywhere else! i am so proud!! but i feel bad because its west coast where we have that have to be cooked black tar and not the glorious china white of the east coast (this is honestly the reason i choose to live in NYC, i prefer china white heroin to west coast tar, that is my only reason for living in this state on this side of the nation, no other reason, all other aspects of my life are otherwise transient and are and would be the same no matter what state or country i would live in) but nevertheless, Oregon let me down yesterday. I cant apologize enough for the redneck sons of gun’s out there… But i digress, i am sorry, my anorexic (she loves to eat, but we spend most of our money dealing with prohibition prices and prohibition problems) junkie gf says i have to get off the CPU now but i couldnt be prouder to dedicate this next shot to you guys and i am so very very happy and proud and just…oh if this ends up being a hot shot (aka dope so pure its intended to kill, see Sid Vicious) and I die well then i can die somewhat happy to see the beginning the true beginning of the end of our generations (and a generation or two before us) nazism, pol pot vs intellectuals, spanish inquisition persecution coming to an end, indeed, i saw legalization and now i can die somewhat satisfied… im so happy for you guys you would never believe it. this shots for you. i better go before this gf of mine ends up leaving me like the others before her.. sorry, im sure youll understand… ill be back soon though guys!! WE DID IT !! WE WE WE WE !! WE DID IT!!! HEY KEVIN SABEET SUCK A POOPY YOU SON OF A GUN, I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL YOU BASTARD AND I AM A (USUALLY) HOMELESS JUNKIE WHO DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT SOCIAL STATUS, ACQUIRING MATERIAL WEALTH, SILLY DIPLOMAS AND DEGREES AND I DONOT CARE IF YOU JUDGE ME AS “CHILDLISH” IN MY ASSAULTS ON KEVIN OR “PATHETIC” IN MY ASSAULTS ON KEVIN ‘CAUSE THOSE JUDGEMENTS MEAN NOTHING TO ME. THE ONLY PERSON WHOSE JUDGEMENT MATTERS TO ME IS MY PROHIBITION ERA HEROIN/PAIN KILLER SUPPLIER AND HE ALREADY THINKS IM A LOW LIFE SO IT DOESNT MATTER. KEVIN, GO TO HELL YOU BASTARD, THIS BUD’S FOR YOU, YOU MONEY HUNGRY MATERIALISTIC PIECE OF TRASH, COLORADO AND WASHINGTON SPIT ALL OVER YOUR STUPID FACE YOU DOODY HEAD !!



    • Opiophiliac says:

      LOL! Awesome post as usual CJ. I would just like to echo CJ’s statements and from this unrepentant opiate lover to all the unrepentant cannabis lovers out there: CONGRATULATIONS THIS IS A BIG F’N DEAL!

  16. kaptinemo says:

    As a character from a favorite SF series from the 1990’s said, “When the avalanche begins, it’s too late for the pebbles to vote”

    But…when the ‘pebbles’ DO vote?. That ‘avalanche’ acquires incredible force.

    Behold our avalanche (wolf’s grin)…and it’s just beginning,prohibs, it’s just beginning. For its’ wellspring is all the frustration and anger and fury pent-up over decades and now being unleashed, legally, safely, democratically…but still carrying those underlying forces.

    For prohibs, it’s now become very clear: step aside or be swept away…and I am really, truly hoping the prohibs will ignorantly, arrogantly choose the latter.

    In the meantime…this engineer is checking out employment opportunities in CO.

  17. N.T. Greene says:

    Yes, friends, our grand trap has been sprung, even though our quarry said it would never be done.

    Talk about a damaging blow though. I mean, you can’t exactly talk big at the UN about drug policies when you’ve essentially lost control of your own.

  18. claygooding says:

    PS: Anyone live in SE CO that has a house to rent out to a mouthy elderly cfl/led grower,,,cheap,,retired/retarded and living off the gummint tit.

  19. Francis says:

    I am so glad it was two states rather than just one. A single state could have been dismissed as an outlier (and it would have also been more easily targeted by the feds for retaliation). But two is a trend. (“Wait, I thought two was a coincidence and three was a trend.”) Yeah, yeah that’s the saying (*glares at Oregon*), but when the something is a first in the country’s history, I think two should qualify, don’t you? Cannabis relegalization has been recognizably inevitable for a while to anyone who was paying attention. But after last night, its inevitability is recognizable even by the people who AREN’T paying attention, i.e., the same people who are most likely to oppose reform. It’s getting very hard to ignore the fact that the wind has shifted. That’s going to trigger some cognitive reshuffling among a lot of people. No one wants to be the last person to get the joke.

    • claygooding says:

      Icing on the cake will be when several states go through their legislatures to legalize without having to wait two years for a ballot initiative.

      Watching MSNBC talking abut the marijuana “thing”.

  20. Dante says:

    Two states today, then three, then six, then sixteen.

    To borrow a quote, this is a big f’ing deal.

  21. Peter says:

    Does this also mean that farmers in wa and co can now plant industrial hemp?

  22. ezrydn says:

    All we’ve done is open a new front. Now the real battle begins. It’s one thing to vote for it. It’s a different case to hold onto it. Have a short celebration and then man the trenches. The jackboots WILL be coming. Of that, I have no doubt. State level victories are nice but our objective is the destruction of the CSA. Until that objective is taken, the fight goes on and on and…

    • claygooding says:

      I am hitting political sites now,,challenging the politicians to quit wasting billions of tax dollars on this failed policy and save America billions more by ending prohibition gracefully.

    • Byddaf yn egluro: says:

      Don’t worry! I’ve been as busy today as I am any other day.

      Rest shall not define us until the fields are full of Hemp and the last prohibitionist is hanging from a gibbet!

  23. pt says:

    So crazy, the song “Something to Live For” by Pennywise blasted on my alarm clock as I woke up this morning. Having gone to bed long before victory was assured I KNEW it was a sign! And I dont even believe in signs! Haha!

    Oh, the darkness is falling
    Yeah, can we wake up in time?
    Oh, we can’t lose the battle
    Losing today keeps the good times away

    (Oh oh oh) Give me something to live for
    (Oh oh oh) We’re finding a way 
    (Oh oh oh) Out of the shadows
    You’ve got to show me that we can live for today

    Definitely a moment to remember!

  24. DonDig says:

    Been wanting to see this for the same forty years you all have, and so glad to get to witness it. Evolution continues, the first bricks have been blasted from the prohibition wall… Yahoo!!!

    • Francis says:

      We’ve been blasting bricks for years. Last night, two entire sections of the wall actually collapsed! This is indeed a “big f’n deal”! I’m grabbing a little piece of drug war wall rubble to display on my mantle. 😉 Congrats to everyone!

  25. stlgonzo says:

    DEA Responds to Legal Weed in Colorado and Washington: “Enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged”

    • darkcycle says:

      Oh course, that’s the Blah-Blah they’ve been spitting all along. We are going to haftsta wait to see just HOW they plan to challenge these laws. My own opinion this morning (as it was when I went to sleep last night) is that they won’t try anything in the courts.
      I look for lots and lots of empty threats, with very little of substance on the ground. The Washington initiative is written so that the State is going to HAVE to comply with the will of the people. They have only on year to implement it. So we should see pretty quickly.
      I DO NOT see the Feds going out looking for people to arrest for possession.
      So, whether we have State Pot stores one year from now or not, it is LEGAL in the State of Washington.

      • stlgonzo says:

        I agree on the possession aspect. It is the sales side that I am worried about. The asset forfeiture threats they have been using against medical dispensaries seems to me they way they will go after licensed sellers, growers, and more importantly, their landlords.

    • Peter says:

      DEA response to legalization in CO and WA:”In enacting the Controlled Substances Act, Congress determined that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance”
      Hmm…I thought it was the DEA itself which determined the Schedule 1 classification for “marijuana”? Don’t tell me they’re lying…

      • divadab says:

        Yes they are lying. It is their stock in trade. They lie as a matter of habit and of job preservation.

        The President could re-schedule cannabis with the stroke of a pen. (Executive order, to use the formal term). Wouldn’t it be nice if he would do this for something useful and just, like ending the insane federal war on cannabis, instead of using it to justify assassination without due process?

  26. Alex M says:

    Is a 15% excise tax on both production and retail more “free” than the black market?

    I can’t help but feel incredibly disappointed. Enormously high and arbitrary excise tax on multiple stages of production and distribution is NOT freedom.

    • darkcycle says:

      No, you’re right, 25% is not progress. People not going to jail for possessing a fucking plant. THAT’s progress.
      I’m sorry you are disappointed Alex. Nobody promised you a Pony. If you really want a Pony, you can have mine.

      • stlgonzo says:

        Really? If your givin’ out free ponies I want one.

        DC – riddle me this, before I-502 passed wasnt the legal DUID limit in the state of Washington 0. Meaning that any THC in your blood would trigger a DUID?

        ps. Sometimes I read your name as Darkcrystal…I love that movie.

        • Matthew Meyer says:

          Maybe 0 stigonzo, but they did have to prove it in court, and couldn’t take test results as evidence, per se, of impairment.

          Some people are gonna get pot DUIs, but it’s not going to be the shitstorm the Chicken Little anti-502ers made it out to be.

      • divadab says:

        Which is why this aspect of I-502 guarantees that the black market will continue since the arbitrary and expensive tax regime raises the retail price above the current black market price.

        But I agree that decriminalization of personal-use quantities is progress. And a great big thumb in the eye of the prohibition machine.

        • darkcycle says:

          How do you figure? I lavish tons of money on my plants, and it still only costs about 25-35 dollars an ounce. Times 15%, that’s Five dollars and a quarter. If I make 100% profit on everything I grow, then that’s $10.50 in tax. Then at the next step, let’s assume a 60% markup over my price, that’s still under twenty-five bucks in tax. Add the State sales tax, that’s still UNDER black market prices.

        • Matthew Meyer says:

          Yeah, I’m wondering about those numbers too. In a legal market growers will be better able to take advantage of scale to lower costs for bulk herb.

          I do wonder what will happen to boutique flowers as these two new regimes begin implementation.

        • darkcycle says:

          I’ll let you know, Matthew. 😉

      • Byddaf yn egluro: says:

        Ponies are nice!

    • Duncan20903 says:


      It is beyond absurd to claim that less prohibition is worse than more prohibition. It makes me very sad that so many people on our side of the table are willing to sacrifice the improvement of our lives because we aren’t able to achieve perfection on the first day.

      The truly absurd part is that the reason why it’s impossible to maintain prohibition of cannabis is because we’re simply not going to comply. Well, if you don’t like the new excise tax, don’t pay it. It’s not like you can’t just continue on as you were the day before yesterday. But the fact of the matter is that your personal risk in these two States has been significantly diminished. It’s also a fact that these votes are going to influence the other 48 States. The 21st Amendment didn’t make booze legal. The only product that became legal in January of 1934 was 3.2% beer. It wasn’t until 1966 when the 48th State repealed State level prohibition of drinking alcohol. Yes there were 50 States in 1966 but only 48 were part of the 18th Amendment fiasco. It wasn’t until the 1970s when people were finally allowed to home brew beer or ferment their own wine legally and it’s still Federally illegal to distill your own liquor.

      If you don’t like the new laws in Colorado and Washington there are still 48 States in which you can choose to live that are still just as illegal as the day before yesterday.

      Seriously, how many more decades were you willing to wait until we could talk the people into adopting laws which you would approve? I’ve been waiting 35 years, 4 months and 6 days for this moment and god damn it this is a time to celebrate, not complain. Are you even 35 years old?

      There really is a significant reason why the Feds fought so hard to keep it illegal everywhere. Today prohibition is officially on the critical list with death expected imminently and there’s no way that it will survive. I’m so fucking relieved that I haven’t been able to stop crying since I read the news 5 hours ago.

      Free at last, free at last. Thank god almighty we are free at last.

      I’m Free

      I Feel Free

      • darkcycle says:

        Here here. I’ve been waiting for this since I smoked my very first bowl. That was 1974. I was flabbergasted when the year 2000 rolled around and it was still illegal.
        In the intervening years, I quit all drugs for 16 years, I spent time serving my country in Central America and got PTSD, got poisoned in my workplace, earned an advanced degree, started having serious health problems as a result of my chemical exposure and started smoking and growing again. For the last six years, I have been smoking on doctor’s orders.
        All I can say is it is about fucking time. This is the beginning of the end.
        If I were Kevin Sabet, I’d be updating my C.V.

  27. darkcycle says:

    DUI is driving under the influence. Under the (now) former rubric, IF you were pulled over or stopped, and IF the officer suspected that you were intoxicated and had you tested, then ANY THC in your system AT ALL could be used to charge you. Under the provisions of I-502, you would (presumably) not be assumed to be intoxicated if you are under .05 NGL limit. That doesn’t mean you won’t be charged and convicted anyway. The standard is “intoxication” and the means of establishing that don’t really matter. Often it comes down to the “Officer’s Expert judgement”. However…. You don’t drive crazy on pot, you don’t tend to speed, you don’t stagger and you do not slur your words. Without testing, it is next to impossible to detect impairment. Testing people randomly won’t be cost effective, and would rapidly be seen as an imposition by the non-smoking populace.
    The point is that Marijuana checkpoints will not be popping up all over our highways like mushrooms, and MMJ patients really have no more to fear today than they did yesterday.

  28. Dave Finch says:

    If I am not mistaken the discretion to determine which drugs fit within each Schedule was delegated to the Attorney General. It seems absurd that marijuana is a schedule I drug. But the more interesting question to me is whether the criminal punishment of the possession and use of any of the scheduled drugs could pass constitutional muster today. Laws must be rationally related to national intersts and not arbitrary. The war on drugs has so demonstrably failed that we see our federal law as irrational – it does more harm than good. It would fascinating to watch this debate in the courts.

    • divadab says:

      Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has demonstrated that it is as corrupt as the rest of the federal apparatus – consider Gonzalez v. Raich, where they ruled that a the feds could legally imprison an old sick woman who grew her own hemp flower medicine in her own garden for her own use – how? They invoked the Interstate Commerce Clause – that the feds were justified not because Ms. Raich was involved in Interstate commerce, or commerce at all – but that she MIGHT be involved in interstate commerce.

      This decision is beyond absurd – it’s a joke. And so, apparently, is the Supreme Court.

  29. pt says:

    And dont forget guys, this is unprecidented in the WORLD! Marijuana has not been relegalized fully and available for comercial grow and sale in ANY country!! America back on track toward world leadership once again!

    • divadab says:

      Hemp is legal in several jurisdictions, including Canada and China. The USA in its wisdom has criminalized hemp, and by doing so declared most of the founders of the Republic to be criminals since they grew the hemp that clothed the Continental Army, provided cordage and sailcloth for the navy, and was woven into the first flag of the Republic.

      What can you say about a government that makes criminals of its founders but that it is fundamentally illegitimate?

    • Jose says:

      Unprecedented ftw! Now how is the U.S. going to look when our dea is destoying crops in S. America and terrorizing impoverished locals? Honestly, when Americans may soon be legally enjoying cannabis during a ski vacation with the wife and kids in a plush mountain top jacuzzi suite without fear!

  30. darkcycle says:

    I’m Flippin’ GIDDY!
    Glee! It’s a BEAUTIFUL sunny morning in Western Washington today!

  31. Duncan20903 says:


    I must say that I’m surprised just how much satisfaction I got from being able to cast a vote against the homophobes and just how pleased I am to live in a State where the majority of the voters agree with me. You can come home now Sis.

    I’m also rather surprised how pleased I am that California wasn’t the 1st State to repeal the absolute prohibition of cannabis. Even when I went and opened our safe and took a look at my California issued birth certificate that feeling didn’t change.

  32. stlgonzo says:

    From LEAP

    Nine States and Localities Vote for More Sensible Drug Laws

    Colorado: Marijuana legalization – Passed!
    Washington: Marijuana legalization – Passed!
    Oregon: Marijuana legalization – Failed.
    Massachusetts: Medical marijuana – Passed!
    Arkansas: Medical marijuana – Failed.
    Detroit, MI: Decriminalization of adult marijuana possession – Passed!
    Flint, MI: Decriminalization of adult marijuana possession – Passed!
    Ypsilanti, MI: Marijuana to be lowest law enforcement priority – Passed!
    Grand Rapids, MI: Decriminalization of adult marijuana possession – Passed!
    Kalamazoo, MI: Three medical marijuana dispensaries permitted in city – Passed!
    Burlington, VT: Recommendation that marijuana should be legalized – Passed!
    Montana: Referendum restricting medical marijuana likely to pass.

  33. Da Wiz says:

    Video from the streets of CO and WA.

  34. dan linn says:

    Feds could reschedule through Congress, especially if GOP decides to find their conservative compass on this one and realize they need to be more moderate on social issues.

  35. allan says:

    another thought… it won’t matter which state or states make a stab at legalization next. There won’t be anymore dismissive, “oh, it’s just the pot heads again” with folks nodding their heads in agreement. I mean look at the acronyms accompanying the names of those backing 502… crikey mates! We have friends, a growing list of friends, friends in high places to go along with all our high friends in places. Truth will have it’s day and the prohibitionist liars will wilt and return to the dust.

    Pot is now a “real” issue. We’ve blown straight minds… and gladdened the hearts of many of our fellow citizens. Yesterday’s election was as much a milestone in our nation’s history as was the election of a young black male to our nation’s highest office 4 years ago. Stand proud my friends

    When the next state/s take their steps towards cannabis regulation, they will have a step (two steps!) up on any and all previous efforts.

    BTW… here in OR M80 passed in 4 counties and we’re all stoked by what we’ve done here and what the larger we has done nationally and perhaps this herd of oregon cats can actually march in tune for awhile and do what needs to be done – Legalize It!

  36. Hi everyone! Please accept my sincere congratulations on a job well done. I am so happy for you and I’m certainly not blind to the fact that this will send ripples around the world. So thank you for helping not only yourselves but also everyone else in the world who struggle with inhumane drug laws.

    It will also be interesting to see where this goes now that you have Obama in his second and final term in office. May he live up to the expectations we surely all had four years ago. I sincerely hope you got a strong President that can stop laughing nervously whenever this subject comes up.

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