I actually found this rather humorous…


The Dunedin Returned and Services’ Association (RSA) is upset after drugs paraphernalia was found marring a war memorial.

Last week, a Keep Dunedin Beautiful Adopt-A-Spot volunteer discovered some bongs at the Highcliff Rd war memorial on the Otago Peninsula.

Four bongs used to smoke marijuana were found while the volunteer was tidying the area.

Dunedin RSA president Jenepher Glover said it was really saddening to hear about the bongs.

“It’s a desecration,” she said.

“To think that someone would disrespect the people who fought by smoking drugs there is abhorrent.”

I’m sure that some of the veterans who regularly visit this blog would agree that there may be no finer tribute to the fallen than to bring some bongs to a war memorial on a high cliff overlook.

And the significance of leaving the bongs there? …. Well, how is leaving a wreath any better?

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17 Responses to Desecration!

  1. claygooding says:

    Thar=t is the fruit of Kevin Sabet’s life long work right there,,,and I am not acquainted with which war heroes are honored at this memorial but then we would know if in honor of the war they died in,,we left opium pipes,cocaine grinders or a bottle of rum,

    • War Vet says:

      Two NZ soldiers have died in the Stan thus so far, so some Kush would be respectful -considering Kush weed/hash being sold on the black market for umpteen years is a very huge part of the blame for insurgents and terrorists to have money and power . . . heroin and opium would also be appropriate as well to place at graves and memorials since it too is a huge part of the blame as well. It would be 110% American to place darts full of junk on the graves of dead American soldiers who died in the Middle East after 9/11 -considering it’s the drug money that got us in this whole war mess in the first place -according to the DEA, CIA, U.N., FBI, War College, BBC, Time, PBS, Al Jazerra, NY Time, Huffington Post, U.K. Guardian, New Week, U.S. News, Harvard Studies, Yale Studies, ISN ETH Zurich studies etc etc etc etc etc etc . . . etc. The CIA personally told me (yes, in person) in Baghdad that drug money begets terrorism more so than rich royal Sauds, oil, foreign aid from various nations, stolen goods etc -so I think from now on I’ll smoke a bowl at every grave of every soldier in my area who died after 9/11 . . . that’s a lot of pot -that’s way too much pot. One day we post-9/11 vets will stand at the WALL in DC on April, 20th and smoke out.

  2. darkcycle says:

    Amusing to me they would consider this newsworthy.

  3. Peter says:

    dunedin is one of those places in nz that are determinedly stuck in a 1950s timewarp. the shock and horror does not surprise me at all

  4. Francis says:

    “Desecration”? That’s clearly hyperbole. No bud is that shitty. Just for the record, when I transition to my next phase of existence, you all are more than welcome to help consecrate my grave by “smoking drugs” there (or doing anything else that makes you happy). Oh, but no Nickelback please. (Otherwise, playing music is of course totally fine.)

  5. Peter says:

    i wonder how many beer cans were included in the litter which didnt make the news headlines?

    • Francis says:

      Probably more than four. I’m guessing you could also find more than four cigarette butts on the grounds if you looked.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Empty beer cans? Cigarette butts? Items that just about everyone who uses discards after use. But I’ve never once seen anyone discard their bong unless convinced that it’s imminent that the police are going to find them. I still have mine sitting on a storage shelf even though I haven’t used them for years and have no intention of ever using them again.

        • Windy says:

          Perhaps they were left as a tribute, kinda like putting flowers on a grave, or leaving foods and other objects at a temple/church altar.

      • Windy says:

        I don’t drink beer but it has always been my (and my hubby’s) habit to bring out whatever I take in, trash and all, I even bring out trash I come across that others leave behind. And if one has beer cans or other trash (bags, paper, whatever), put the damn butts in those and take them out with you as well.

  6. Liam says:

    There are few things more sacred than weed in a cemetery.

  7. CJ says:

    hellllll yes!! i remember when i was a younger heroin lover and for some reason, probably subculture reasons, i was loving going to graveyards and doing the do. it was only years later when driving past the graveyard i loved so much with a group of like minded friends that i said, “hey you know a few years ago i used to have a sweet connect in this town and after seeing them id take the water bottle works and stuff here and nod in this graveyard.” then an informed friend told me it was actually one of those old old graveyards with bodies from colonial times til the civil war. i knew for sure the dead spirits were totally down with the goldenish brown if you know what i mean

    • Opiophiliac says:

      “i knew for sure the dead spirits were totally down with the goldenish brown”

      If they were from the 19th century or before this is almost certainly true.

  8. Yage Panther says:

    the people who fought by smoking drugs. <- Interesting technique of warfare best honoured by arranging some bongs on their tombs.

  9. Dave Finch says:

    The poor lady’s drug of choice is fustian moralizing. A sad little comfy cushion so many use to rest their empty heads. She deserves tolerance,if not attention. But, if the memorial erectors and those who paid for it wanted bongs in the scene they would have incorporated them.

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