A couple of studies

Here are a couple of studies that you’re not likely to see discussed by some of the drug policy “academics.”

bullet image Would liberalization lead to epidemic cocaine consumption? – an economic study by Norman V. Loayza and Naotaka Sugawara.

The answer is “no.”

Abstract: This article uses cross-country data to estimate the potential effect of drastic reductions in the price of cocaine on the share of the population that consumes this drug. In order to identify movements along the cocaine consumption/demand function, this article instruments for cocaine prices with variables that affect the supply of cocaine. Liberalization of drug policies would produce an increase in the prevalence of cocaine consumption. However, the quantitative evidence presented here suggests that, even if substantial, this increase would not amount to epidemic cocaine use.

bullet image Biggest blow to Mexican drug cartels? It could be on your state ballot

A “yes” for any state would have huge implications for the US, but the referendums would also have ramifications south of the border. A new study released by the think tank Mexican Competitiveness Institute (IMCO) shows that if the referendums do pass, proceeds for Mexican drug trafficking organizations could be cut by up to 30 percent, depending on which state goes forward with the referendum. (Read the report here in Spanish.)

“The possible legalization of marijuana at the state level in the US could provoke a considerable loss in proceeds of drug trafficking for Mexican criminal organizations,” the report concludes. In fact, it says, ballot initiatives Tuesday could represent the biggest blow to Mexican criminal syndicates in decades.

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9 Responses to A couple of studies

  1. allan says:

    what a great line:

    ballot initiatives Tuesday could represent the biggest blow to Mexican criminal syndicates in decades.

  2. kaptinemo says:

    The incestuous, closet relationship between prohib and narco has been known for decades…and the initiatives threaten to blast that relationship wide open.

    The narco needed prohibition to fuel his profits. The prohib needs prohibition to fuel his meal ticket-cum-powergrab. Both stands to have the foundation beneath them dynamited by the electoral process.

    The vast majority of the rights and liberties de facto ceded by the majority of the populace in order to protect The Precious Children (who laugh up their sleeves when they point at adult gullibility) can be reclaimed. There simply won’t be much need for a militarized police force…one we can’t afford anymore, in more than one way.

    And that has certain authoritarian right-wingers sweating bullets, right now. Cannabis prohibition has been a huge tent sheltering a multitude of anti-Constitutional sins. Burn the tent down, via the initiatives, and the rest of the people will see what drug law reformers knew was always there.

    • divadab says:

      Well said, Kap’n! It’s always been mysterious to me why otherwise intelligent people don’t get that if you make something illegal, you are creating both a criminal market, and making criminals out of people!

      Ending prohibition seems to me to be the only sensible policy. But then, I’m not an authoritarian who wants a job oppressing people who are not dangerous.

  3. allan says:

    100 years ago Oregon women won the right to vote in Oregon. But it weren’t easy… it took 5 tries, starting back in the 1880s. I have this mental picture of votes as just so many little hammers pounding against whatever issue is obstructing true progress in the advancement of human dignity and liberty.

    And my oh my but I swear the sound of millions of hammers beating down the drug war wall is music to my ears.

  4. claygooding says:

    When the Catholic Herald supports legalization then we have started on the downhill ride of this mf’er(link in next thread)

    GAWD I feel wired and I live in Tx where oil companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers own the legislature,,and we had a smoke down in FT Worth this weekend,,,life,,it isa changing!!!!!

    • Jose says:

      Clay, was there a hemp or cannabis event in Ft Worth? I would definitely make it a point to make it to any in DFW!

      • claygooding says:

        I got a notice of it on facebook,,it was at a bar with 5 local entertainments being announced,,will search out the link.

  5. darkcycle says:

    Clay, all the links go back to that one quote from that one guy. I don’t think it’s true. Can’t be.

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