What is Loud Sex and 80 boxes of Jack the Ripper, Alex?

bullet image In Mile High City, Weed Sparks Up a Counterculture Clash

Attorney Warren Edson would like to throttle the anonymous marijuana breeder who named a potent strain of weed “Green Crack.”

He’s not too fond, either, of those breeders who have given strains names like “Jack the Ripper,” “White Widow,” “AK-47” and “Trainwreck.”

“How can I find them and strangle them?” Mr. Edson asks.

His beef: Mr. Edson is in the vanguard of an aggressive movement to make pot respectable —but decades of stoner culture keep dragging him down.

It’s an interesting and rather amusing conflict — and it’s kind of nice that we’ve reached a position where that even matters.

bullet image Lee at Horses’s Ass notes how the marijuana question always gets to the top (youtube, change.org, etc.) and gives a good explanation.

This isn’t happening because George Soros is paying large sums of money to skew these surveys or because hackers are rigging the vote. But on the other hand, it’s also not happening because marijuana prohibition is the most pressing issue in the world right now (although it has far more impact on the world around us than many of us realize). It’s happening because the issue of marijuana prohibition is the topic where the general public most readily recognizes that the words and actions of our government are thoroughly detached from reality.

bullet image Don’t Let the DEA Ban Recommending Medical Marijuana for Veterans

The DEA is preventing doctors at veteran’s hospitals from recommending medical marijuana to patients — even in the 14 states where medical marijuana is legal.

The Veterans Administration is taking advice from the DEA based on the federal government’s assertion that marijuana has no medicinal value. This especially tragic because of the widespread evidence that marijuana is a safe and effective treatment for post traumatic stress disorder which is all too common among our veterans.

bullet image “Hey, Boss! You sure you ordered the right parts? These crates seem a little off.”

Va. company gets unexpected delivery

Workers at a Virginia company that manufactures blades and cutting tools were surprised to receive a shipment of 1,840 pounds of marijuana […]

The Augusta County Sheriff’s office said deputies found 80 boxes, each containing 23 pounds of marijuana, inside a tractor trailer making a delivery Tuesday to American Safety Razor in Verona, north of Staunton.

Employees became suspicious when the bar codes on the boxes didn’t match the equipment orders.

One question. Why did the Sheriff’s office say that deputies found 80 boxes? Seems to me the employees found them. Do they just want more credit?

[Thanks, Tom]

bullet image Loud Sex Enough for Cops to Search Your Home, Court Rules

It didn’t help that the homeowner voluntarily let the police in.

bullet image Half of Cheech and Chong beats a Dartmouth grad and a Yale grad in Celebrity Jeopardy

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was on Celebrity Jeopardy last night, and in keeping with the success level of cable news hosts recently on the program, he finished with zero dollars.

What happened? Here’s a look at how it all went wrong – and how the guy who smokes weed with Tommy Chong became the champ.

More coverage

“That’s right, I lost to Cheech Marin,” Cooper told his 360 viewers last night.

“Cheech of ‘Cheech and Chong’ fame, pot-smoking star of blunt-burning films like ‘Up in Smoke,’ ‘Next Smoke’ and ‘Still Smoking,'” the CNN host continued.

“He not only beat me; he crushed me”

[Thanks, Daniel]

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11 Responses to What is Loud Sex and 80 boxes of Jack the Ripper, Alex?

  1. jrh says:

    LOL strain names are kind of funny like AK47 which stands for Afghan Kush plant #47

  2. jrh says:

    Oh yhea Green crack aka skush a skunk kush elite hybrid plant t is A clone only plant and very potent at at that and nick named green crack for its narcotic high

  3. love the title pete!

    and it’s pure poetry that a stereotype stoner kicked the crap out of an ivy-leaguer on jeopardy

  4. claygooding says:

    It is too bad that when Anderson told Cheech that he must not have inhaled in all those old movies,he should have said yes he did,and just before the game too. It would have hammered home the fact that just because a person is a stoner does not make him slow and stupid.

  5. Just me says:

    Someone should name a strain “Fuck the DEA”

  6. Just me says:

    How bout “Barry ‘I inhaled’ Soetoro”. Just sayin.

  7. ezrydn says:

    Ref: the loud sex story

    At one time, I had two Goffin Cockatoos. Cockatoos scream. One night, there was a knock at the door. It was two young officers. One officer stated that they’d gotten a call of a woman screaming in my apt. I knew immediately want was going on. Besides, there was absolutely nothing in the apt. for them to “find.”

    I didn’t say much, other than smirkingly invite them in. I led them down the hall to the 2nd bedroom and pointed to Skooter, my youngest. I said, “There’s your screaming woman.” They didn’t believe me. I told the youngest officer, “Pull your gun out and watch what happens.” He slowly pulled his gun out as Skooter locked eyes with him.

    When the gun was out, Skoot went ballistic. At that point, I told the officers, “It’s not just guns, it could be anything. Besides, these two have arguements sometimes.” I also told them I try hard to keep them quiet.

    We all had a good laugh and they left.

  8. denmark says:

    There’s a link at the NORML site to write a comment in the Hill blog, supposedly read by Congress. Second post down.
    Are U.S. Pot Laws The Root Cause Of Mexican Drug Violence?
    March 17th, 2010

    Today’s the first day of Spring. If only prohibition didn’t exist and I could walk through a field of female cannabis plants breathing in the sweet aroma.

  9. peace pot microdot says:

    Crackpot is a good nickname for the bionic chronic. Were Cheech’s eyes blazin’ on the gameshow, maybe he sparked a zeppelin in the green room. How about loud farting or snoring would that bring the cops out. Glad they don’t have any real crimes to worry about.

  10. truthtechnician says:

    Warren Edson is concerned with pot being perceived as respectable, yet the upscale “wellness centers” are nothing but speakeasies. We’ve got lots of them in California, and the majority of patients are using the ganja recreationally. Medical Marijuana can’t be respectable until it ceases to be a speakeasy system.

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