The exhibit that just won’t die

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA’s) traveling museum exhibit, Target America: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause, is coming to the Big Easy

Hasn’t New Orleans suffered enough?

I’ve followed this pathetic exhibit since 2003 in Dallas, and then to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles…, and even had my own museum protest and counter website

Well, I guess they’ve pulled it out of mothballs and are touring it again.

Joe Cook (General Manager FOX 8 WVUE), Bill Alden (President, DEA Educational Foundation), Michele M. Leonhart (Acting Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration) Fran Harding (Director, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention), Dr Wilson Compton (Deputy Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse), Eileen Sweeney (Head of Motorola Foundation), Jim Mears (VP of Motorola), Jim Bernazzani (President, The Youth Rescue Initiative)

Wow. Sure took a lot a folks to cut a small ribbon on an old exhibit. I notice two of them are from Motorola. Now why does Motorola ring a bell? Oh, that’s right — they’re the ones who hired former DEA head Karen P. Tandy.

[Thanks, Tom]
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11 Responses to The exhibit that just won’t die

  1. DdC says:

    Lies Our Drug Warriors Told Us

    DEAth of Motorola.jpg

    Blessed is the Police State?
    Exporting DEAmocracy

    DEAth, a Tandy Corporation

    Another Sucker Mom’s Take On The DEAth War
    Karen Tandy has a malign tumour on her back and is admitted to hospital, where the doctors believe that it’s a living creature, and that a foetus is being born inside the growth. What lays in wait for Karen is far more terrifying than she can possibly imagine: the growth is actually a demonic, 3-foot tall, 400-year-old Native American. A way must be found to exorcise the demon before it’s too late.

  2. Buc says:

    Bill Alden – President of DEA Educational Foundation

    If that’s not an oxymoron, I don’t know what is.

    Point #2, I have a Motorola phone. I’m not lying when I say that it will be being replaced shortly, for one reason. This post.

    Thanks for the heads up. One day supporting the drug war will be a liability position. I look forward to that day.

  3. Cliff says:

    The tax feeding parasites have to work harder and harder to hypnotise the sheeple, but the effects of the propaganda are wearing off and the once green pastures are turning brown.

    The sheeple are getting bored and restless and now question the intelligence of paying those who make a living on other people’s personal private choices. They are beginning to awaken, realizing that the money going to the tax parasites is being squandered on high salaries for bureaucrats and at the expense of loss of freedom and liberty. So, out comes the dog and pony show to placate them, but it won’t work anymore.

    People who are trying to recover from the economic sh*t storm perpetrated by the pin-stripped bandits, the politrixters and the banksters don’t have time to pay attention to the circus clowns.

  4. kaptinemo says:

    Buc, when pols say to the desperate and struggling members of the formerly-employed public that they wish they had more money for things like Unemployment, and someone in the audience shouts “End the wasteful War on Drugs and use the money for Unemployment!” and is seconded by many more in the audience who are in the same boat or will soon be boarding it, supporting the DrugWar will become that very liability you spoke of.

    It’s gonna happen, people. Count on it. The prohibs are, in general, not that smart. They’ll mouth off that they need the dwindling tax revenues to keep the kiddies ‘safe from drugs’ when those same kiddies are facing homelessness and hunger courtesy of their parents being unemployed and the Unemployment is running out.

    The prohibs are mainly oblivious of the economic and political powder keg that they’re sitting on, the one that has a very short fuse attached to it. Make the wrong statement to the wrong people at the wrong time, and the fuse is lit.

    The resulting fireworks will be worth the looooong wait we’ve endured. I wish I could sell tickets…

  5. ezrydn says:

    Well, they can’t keep the schools open for the kids. They can’t find the money to pay teachers of the kids. And, just the other day, I read where one school disctrict would no longer offer the “yellow buses” to kids.

    So, yep! This protection this is sure doing a good job, don’t ya think?

  6. Just me says:

    EZ you beat me to it.
    Ya its sad we can spend billions to keep the KIDDIES safe , but the are stupid because that very same drug war has sucked up all the resources needed to teach them to be police, lawyers judes or say teach them drugs are bad …LOL.

    Seriously , its happening all over the country. Schools are being drasticly cut or even close…..mean while the budget for the drug war has increased . What the hell is wrong with people? HELLO AMERICA! Your kids are being denied a good education to fund your local drug warrior to lock up all those “DANGEROUS” pot smokers. Hell here in Iowa the was a rally by the student to keep thier arts programs. Yes the students have to defend themselves! WTF! Even if they keep thier arts programs , the schools said they will cut other ares to do it. Like what ? Football? track? Math class, english? Come on America! There is a better way! STOP arresting pot smokers. If you think they are lazy losers…so be it…let them be that way outside of jail , they aint hurtin anyone but them selves. Dont make the kids suffer .

  7. DdC says:

    Lame DEAth Circus… We’ve got Richard Davis’ Traveling Hemp Museum and U.S.A. Hemp Museum. The Hash Museum in Amsterdam. USAHM’s HEMP BUILDING MATERIALS ROOM, we got Ganja candy in thousands of Ganjapothecaries and Ganjawar Corporatism keeping it from the people.

  8. world downfall says:

    This is the best they can do to justify their salaries?

  9. BluOx says:

    i’m wondering why Motorpayola is so mobbed up with the DEA. Is it because of surveillance sharing ,or what.? Any brand but Motorola will do for me.

  10. Just me says:

    Gotta agree…bye bye motorola !

  11. divadab says:

    Motorola gets fat off “defense” contracts so they don’t give a crap if you don’t buy their consumer products.

    That’s why they gave the odious lying authoritarian Karen Tandy a job – she’s part of the complex.

    Fuck the complex. I won’t pay for it. Boycott any corporation with military contracts. Totally parasitic non-productive imposition on the folks. Fuck them.

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