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Cliff Kincaid. That’s all most people need to hear to know that they’re about to get a real load of crap. And boy, oh boy, does this man know how to give you top shelf crap.

I’m not even going to take it apart. It’s beyond….

Was the Pentagon Shooter an Obama-approved Pothead? by Cliff Kincaid at Right Side News.

The left says he was a right-winger; the conservatives say that he was a leftist. What is abundantly clear, from reading his Internet commentaries, is that Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell was a psychotic pothead. […]

But rather than try and make silly ideological points by accusing Bedell of being either left or right, there is an urgent need for the blogosphere-and the major media-to address the question of how he became criminally psychotic and a patsy for conspiracy theories. The answer is marijuana, which alters the ability of the mind to comprehend reality but which is depicted by most of the media as safe and harmless.

This connection-between pot and mental illness-is a matter of the medical record but is conveniently being ignored in the many stories about this young man’s strange journey and tragic end. […]

The public laughs at the old propaganda films such as “Reefer Madness,” which depict marijuana smokers as crazed zombies. However, the Pentagon rampage was likely triggered by marijuana-induced psychosis. Bedell was not only a heavy marijuana user and had been busted for possession and growing the drug, but dedicated much of his life to glorifying the substance. […]

The “Medical Marijuana” Scam

The rampage at the Pentagon has also raised disturbing questions about the Obama Administration’s policy of allowing “medical marijuana” dispensaries in such places as California, where Bedell was living, to operate free from fear of federal prosecution. President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder have been accused of encouraging marijuana use by refusing to use federal resources to prosecute “medical marijuana” users and the “dispensaries” which supply them with the illegal dope. […]

One can hope that the tragic story of John Patrick Bedell and his victims will cause our major media to review the dangerous implications of allowing more and more people access to the drug, on the spurious grounds that it is somehow medicinal, and start a much-needed examination of the billionaires and organizations pushing drug legalization in America.

Billionaire George Soros has been called “an extremely evil person” by Calvina Fay of the Drug Free America Foundation for putting millions of dollars into groups like the Drug Policy Alliance dedicated to legalization of pot and other drugs. […]

Although drug legalization has been mostly a left-wing cause, funded by “progressive” billionaires such as George Soros and Peter Lewis, the libertarian Cato Institute has been promoting legalization of dope for many years. It, too, has been funded by Soros. […]

Rather than publicize the marijuana-psychosis connection, the major media have shied away from it, probably because some journalists use pot themselves as a “recreational” drug. […]

[Joyce] Nalepka noted that, during the meeting with senior Department of Justice staff, the group of anti-drug activists was told that the federal government did not have the resources to go after the problem of “medical marijuana.”

Nalepka countered, “That’s why we’re here-we want the government to get the resources. It is well-known that marijuana is both physically and psychologically addictive and is a definite stepping stone to many drugs.”

She concluded, “Allowing this to continue is treason, i.e., a betrayal of trust, against our own children and grandchildren.”

Fortunately, Cliff Kincaid is himself considered to be a raving lunatic by virtually all of the population that doesn’t rely on forwarded emails as their only source of news.

Kincaid’s biggest fear is that someone will tell his readers the web address of

Cliff is part of my Who’s Who in Drug Prohibition page.

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22 Responses to More OpEd Entertainment

  1. Chris says:

    This is my first encounter with Cliff Kincaid. He put recreational in quotes… Now, I’d expect people to do that around “medicinal” when they want to imply recreational use, but this guy.. wow. What would non-medicinal, non-recreational use look like? An attempt at suicide or personal harm? Civil disobedience? What is he getting at?

    Court documents from the 2006 case also include a statement from Bedell’s psychiatrist confirming Bedell suffered from bipolar disorder and describing him as “relatively symptom-free when under medication.”

    Riight. The pot made him crazy.

    “Given my belief that cannabis prohibition is the least defensible and most unjust aspect of the prohibitionist regime existing throughout the world today, I decided in March 2006 to cultivate cannabis in full view of the world,” the person said in a 2006 podcast.
    Great, but it’s still a tragedy that he shot anyone. That was due to his mental condition, not the medicine.

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  3. kaptinemo says:

    What was it Mark Twain said? “The most outrageous lies that can be invented will find believers if a man only tells them with all his might.” Poor Mr. Kincaid’s lungs must have burst from the effort of giving his all.

    “I have seen the science I worshiped, and the aircraft I loved, destroying the civilization I expected them to serve.” – Charles Lindbergh

    And I often feel the same way about the Internet. That which allows for the free travel of information also allows for the vomiting of ignorance, superstition, racism, bigotry and brazenly-displayed stupidity to be broadcast at light-speed around the world with a single mouse click…and to be damningly immortalized, as the Internet Is Forever.

    The prohibs just don’t seem to understand this. They really, truly don’t. Their verbal and written insanity is available, thanks to the ‘Net, for the whole world to peruse…and judge.

  4. kaptinemo says:

    And as to the bit about the prohibs screaming about a lack of ‘resources’…

    I can’t tell you how many times I wish we reformers had a fiscal ‘war chest’ equivalent to just the PR budget for the ONDCP to fund drug law reform! With that, we’d end this madness within a year! But, as usual, Joyce and Calvina are poor-mouthing themselves (while receiving Federal anti-drug funding themselves) about how the prohib forces are hurting soooooo badly, financially.

    Which sounds an awful lot like a hugely obese fat man pointing at an anorexic who’s eating powdered toast crumbs and complaining the anorexic is eating what the fat man desperately needs. The hypocrisy just drips…

  5. claygooding says:

    Luckily this guy and many like him are spewing their garbage on sites that only like minded imbeciles frequent.
    I have never heard of the source he published it in.
    You have to wonder if some of these op-eds are being paid for by the cartels or even the ONDCP,from their pr funds.

  6. claygooding says:

    Don’t want to sound stupid,but I have no knowledge of George Soros. I am sure he is a right on dude,if Fey and this guy think he is evil. Too bad he never sent me a check.

  7. Pete says:

    Yeah, Right Side News has a very limited audience of like-minded individuals.

    Kincaid primarily writes (and this article is there, too) at Accuracy in Media (AIM), where this article looks even more absurd, under the banner “For Fairness, Balance, and Accuracy in News Reporting.”

  8. permanentilt says:

    Well, if it is true that “Right Side News has a very limited audience of like-minded individuals” then I am very encouraged that there is only 1 commenter defending his ridiculousness.

  9. Just me says:

    LOL ! Hey Pete , I made a post on this on one of your earlier threads, as its no suprised to me , Im sure its no suprise to any of you. LOL ! Nothing to see move along LOL.

  10. Dante says:

    “The answer is marijuana, which alters the ability of the mind to comprehend reality ”

    Not true. I can easily comprehend the reality that the author of that line has an anti-cannabis agenda, and this tragedy is his opportunity to sell his agenda.

    Crazy is crazy. You might as well blame oxygen.

  11. given the sheer numbers of pot smokers, if the pot = insanity claim was even remotely true we’d have a hell of a lot more drooling psychotic pot smokers running amok in society.

    instead, they are all mostly invisible and we need to force them to provide body fluids so that we may properly identify and persecute them.

  12. allan420 says:

    ah, but brian… the fact that we smoke da herb means we’re crazy. C’mon man! Use that circular logic! Sheesh amigo, how could you forget? Without circular logic the Prohibs would have >zero logic…

    My 18 year old daughter watched Reefer Madness for the first time a few nights ago with her friends… she’s catching on to why dad does what he does.

  13. Bruce says:

    Thanks for quoting Lindbergh. Kaptain.
    Am a former private pilot myself, have not heard that one. Wow. Have been searching for words to express the disdain I feel for the killer drones and their armchair ‘pilots’

  14. ezrydn says:


    Fixed, Rotor and Instrument CFI here. Take a guess at what I used to always do with my leftover seeds. LOL

  15. Bruce says:

    Lol ezrdyn evidently it did not affect your performance. I was useless at the wing-flingers. Fixed wing only. Seeds ptoooey, yup, out the window. Love the old rules; 8 hours from ‘bottle to throttle’

  16. Bruce says:

    Note the word love; to be pronounced the way Shakira says it; “LUhhhhhhve” I cannot watch her Bush and Saddaam chess match video without tears flowing like a river just to hear her say the word.

  17. allan, i guess that means that i can plead “not guilty by reason of insanity” — should the occasion arise, eh?

  18. DdC says:

    This wingnut was local and the local news are Pentagon Shooting = Scape Goat for Anti Ganja Legalization …

    Joycee Lumpalumpa still breathing?
    She was about 106 bashing Klintoon policy.
    Real nazi scumsucker. Mostly in Maryland linking Hemp to Heroin.
    Anti-American prohibitionists are the Treasoners. Here’s another…

    Marijuana: A prescription for trouble

    Chris Endress, director of the Quad-City Metropolitan Enforcement Group, or MEG. collaborative unit supported by area sheriffs, police departments and state police.

    lions and tigers and bears oh my…

    The harm comes when legislators allow patients to grow their own marijuana and grow for other patients.

    Ve must not loose control!

    Several states have lost control of their medical marijuana programs,

    See, vat I tell you darlink!

    and I want to share their problems

    Keep them poopsi, don’t share problems dude.

    with the citizens of Iowa before we make the same mistake.

    Misktake you sick fucking lapdog obedient mean ugly nasty ignorant idiot. Caging people for profit is the mistake.

    First, we must accept that marijuana is the most sought after illegal drug in the United States. It is a multi-billion dollar illegal industry.


    “Or any other condition where a doctor believes marijuana would benefit the patient.”

    Its a cops job to treat patients eh?

    This means anyone that wants to smoke marijuana can and will with the right doctor’s recommendation.

    Or not. You think its better they don’t see a doctor and get it on the street?

    In a study in San DEAgo

    Them potheads! Even the DA chick’s a stoner.

    2 percent of the medical marijuana patients actually had cancer, AIDS or glaucoma. The other 98 percent had reported some form of pain or anxiety.

    You like pain and anxiety, helps rid the body of sin. 2% is about how much medicinal grade Ganja is eradicated by DEA, sheriffs, police departments and state police. 98% is burlap. Saving the kids from bird seed and biodiesel.

    Who can recommend medical marijuana?

    I do I do! Owe owe Me too!

    A qualifying practitioner is any physician, dentist, podiatrist or veterinarian licensed to prescribe drugs.

    Oh Wilber!

    So yes, you could get a recommendation from your veterinarian to smoke marijuana.

    Only for skunk. All Ganja is recommended except Schwag.

    dit dit dit dit… In California, it has been reported…

    Film at 11…

    And the best part, ((Loonytune Theme song)
    you don’t have to disclose the location of your garden.

    It’s in the back yard dude. Its legal, remember.
    Why do you need to know> Midnight raids, oops…

    There are no inspections to ensure you are not growing more than you are allowed.

    Allowed? You pompus ass it’s a frickin plant. It’s not your job to legislate only to enforce or not enforce what the hell we tell you and the legislaters, dig?

    Only a compassion center is subject to inspection provided they receive 24 hours notice.

    Thanks for the psa, btw who inspects it in Iowa now lol?

    Can a convicted felon work in a compassion center?

    If you let him but it might harm profits in recivatism.

    No, unless your felony conviction is for manufacturing and delivering marijuana, then it’s OK.

    Do you loose Food Stamps, Tuition assistance and Pell Grants for felony conviction murder, rape and welfare fraud, NO. Only for manufacturing and delivering marijuana. Manufacturing a plant? The FDA is mostly Monsanto interchangeable.

    Is anyone else seeing a problem here?

    I do I do! Owe owe Me too!

    Now here is where the state loses all control.

    It’s called the Nixon Lie Behind the Watergate curtain. When the Feds took over Medicinal and Hemp cannabis from the states after the bogus Marijuana Tax Act was overturned.

    In the end

    Doomsday? Myans? Elvis returns?

    you have essentially legalized the most sought after illegal drug in the U.S.

    Hooray? continued… proceed with hip waders.

    Anslinger-Bush-Hearst-Nixon-Hitler-Nalepka Déjà vu 02/19/10
    Applaud Souder’s Efforts To Fight Illegal Drug Use By Joyce Nalepka
    The recent verbal attack on Rep. Mark Souder by the so-called Students for Sensible Drug Policy who traveled from Indiana, Illinois and Washington, D.C., to Fort Wayne was as senseless as is illegal drug use.

  19. ezrydn says:

    What does it matter if he was a medical cannabis patient? He got the GUN from the Memphis Police Department!! Yeah, COPS putting GUNS on the streets! Hasn’t been word one said about THAT!

  20. marie says:

    Just another excuse for people to think it is okay to act ignorant! Some of us don’t want or need to have potheads blow smoke in our faces-what about the rights of us? Can’t have bonfires without a permit. I have severe asthma. If you have cancer; you have to go to a medical facility to get treatment-should be same for “medicinal marijuana” if it does become legal. I pray not.

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