Those funny senior citizens and their wacky tobacky

It sounds just like some old comedy — maybe The Real McCoys’ Walter Brennan, or Uncle Jesse on the Dukes of Hazzard, or perhaps the old Snuffy Smith cartoon strip.
It seems that 80-year-old Marjorie Crawford and 68-year-old Hubert Henkel had one of them moonshine stills way out in the country in rural Oregon. Or maybe it was just that they were just growing a few plants – yes, that’s it.
Now you remember how it goes in the old stories. The local constabulary gets wind of the moonshine plants, and stops by to have a chat with with the senior citizens. The cantankerous old man waves his shotgun and says “Git off my propitty, you danged revenooers” and the Sheriff says “Hold on, Grandpa! It’s me, Sheriff Taylor. We got to come to some kind of understanding here — strictly according to the law, that still them plants are illegal.”
And so Grandpa promises to mend his ways and grandma puts out some fresh corn bread for everyone and they all laugh and the dog barks.
Except in this case, they shot and killed 68-year-old Hubert and put 80-year-old Marjorie in jail on felony charges.


Apparently they never watched those old shows.


The article assures us:

The two involved Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were not physically injured during this armed encounter


[thanks, Allan]
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