The role of journalists

So this is how we spread democracy…

Mrs. Mary Carlin Yates, a former United States Ambassador to Ghana, has asked journalists to assist traditional chiefs, fishermen and the security agencies to fight the illicit drug trade, […]
Mrs Yates said though challenges confronting the media were enormous, ‹you should not give up because you give a voice to your own people who cannot speak for themselves.Š
‹If you allow drug cartels to take over your country, it will take a long time to rid the society off the effects of the menace, adding, already Ghana is an example in democratic principles in Africa and the world, and she must, therefore, take control of its territorial security to safeguard the interests of the citizenry.
Mrs Yates noted that the media‰s role in the fight of the drug war was crucial and would go a long way to complement the efforts of the military and other international partners.

Apparently, telling people the truth missed her list of media roles.

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