Open Thread

Blogging is going to be a little bit sporadic this week. I’m heading to New York for a few days. And this trip is not only about being in New York, but getting there.
I’m taking Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited from Chicago to New York (and another train between home and Chicago), so, basically, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will be spent on the train with no wifi connection. I plan to read and look out the window.
I’ll be in New York on Wednesday evening through Saturday morning if anyone wants to get together for coffee or a drink.
I’m also seeing Martha Clarke’s Garden of Earthly Delights (which I’ve wanted to see since the 1980s) and the classic musical Hair (which, of course, I’ve seen before, but I’m anxious to see the new Broadway revival now in previews), and I’m connecting with some friends.
So discuss and share (you guys are the greatest at keeping track of what’s going on). I’ll jump in when I can while I’m in New York, but for a couple of days the best stuff will probably be in comments.
“bullet” Here’s a little video for you from the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union contest.

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