John Walters’ new audience – the Weekly Standard

Who else would actually believe this crap?

On the key issue of illegal drugs–the widely recognized source of criminal power in Mexico–the Obama administration is lurching dangerously in reverse. In his first statement on drug policy, Attorney General Eric Holder suggested he may no longer enforce federal law against trafficking marijuana if the traffickers call their marijuana medical. Both U.S. and Mexican officials at all levels know that medical marijuana is an utter fraud used to undermine drug enforcement in the United States. Mexican officials also know (as does the Justice Department) that much of the marijuana sold in the “dispensaries” of California funds the mafias of Mexico.

Marijuana sales are the single largest source of drug profits for these criminals–on top of funds from kidnapping, protection rackets, alien smuggling, and car theft. Not enforcing our marijuana laws makes these terrorists stronger. Pretending to take legalization seriously makes them stronger still. What do we think the brave officers risking their lives in Mexico feel when our attorney general sounds like he is going to do less to help? Is it too much to expect him to make clear that enforcing our marijuana laws reduces addiction here and saves lives in Mexico?

John Walters has got a lot of experience outright lying, using creative ways to combine totally unrelated things to imply a relationship, and just blatantly attempting to claim that outcomes of prohibition are really outcomes of legalization.
But this is a high point even for him. Rarely do you see such a jam-packed couple of paragraphs — full of fear-mongering, lies, and multiple types of fallacies perfectly demonstrated.

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