How many joints in a year?

In the discussion about legalizing medical marijuana in Illinois,

Illinois State Police Capt. Mark Henry specifically cited a provision that would allow patients to grow as many as seven marijuana plants at a time. Henry said seven plants would produce more than 3,500 joints per year Ö meaning a patient would have to smoke about nine joints a day to use all the marijuana grown. He said police worry that the surplus would end up on the street.

Regardless of what you may think about the notion of getting 500 joints per plant (seems to me he’s expecting sick people to have amazing green thumbs), what should be the standard of how many joints per year is appropriate?
Let’s turn to the experts – the only completely legal distributor of medical marijuana in the United States: the Federal Government.
For their medical marijuana patients that they’ve been supplying for over 25 years, the Federal Government provides a tin of 300 joints to last 25 days. That’s 4,380 joints a year.
Sounds like proposed Illinois levels are considerably low by federal standards, even given Illinois State Police Capt. Mark Henry’s optimistic yield projections.

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