Charlie Lynch, Montel Williams and Stephen Baldwin on Larry King

Here’s the transcript of last night’s show (scroll down near the bottom).
A picture named baldwin.jpgHere are a couple of excerpts from Baldwin…

SMILEY: What about that distinction between legalizing and decriminalizing? What about the latter?
BALDWIN: I disagree with the latter as well. You’re talking to a guy 20 years sober, Tavis, off of drugs and alcohol. I know the affects of marijuana firsthand. I can tell you right now, if this starts to become something that is more readily available to our youth, the ramifications and repercussions of that in the next 30 years will be beyond our comprehension.
SMILEY: Do you buy the argument that marijuana leads to harder stuff?
BALDWIN: That’s a fact. […]
BALDWIN: Last time I was on the show with Ron Paul, you wouldn’t believe the e-mails I got, people are going to kill me, shoot me, all kinds of stuff. America wants it’s marijuana, man, I get it. But I am just worried — I am more concerned for the future and the youth of America. And this drug, which is a very dangerous drug — it’s not a casual thing. It’s very dangerous — is negatively effecting our youth.

In addition to being completely wrong, Baldwin has an extremely inflated opinion of his own importance. I don’t know of any marijuana legalization advocates who would care enough about Stephen Baldwin to lift a finger.
Fact is, we’re quite delighted to have him as the face of prohibition, and would be happy for him to keep showing up on talk shows. He makes our job easier.

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