Reporter in the midst of marijuana smoke-out

This is an enjoyable article. An intrepid reporter braves the clouds of pot smoke

This soccer mom admits she was out of her league at a marijuana smokefest. But she left with a better understanding. And the munchies…
Organizers were handing out festival maps at Queen’s Park yesterday, but the kids ahead of me just laughed them off.
“Who the hell needs a map?” chuckled one freedom toker to the other. “Just follow the smell.”
You sure couldn’t miss it. My editor told me not to inhale, but I’m not sure what he was smoking when he offered that impossible advice.

But apparently this is an activity that is worthy of putting people in prison, kicking them out of college, and ruining their chances of working in certain jobs.
Did you notice the other thing missing in this situation (and any mass marijuana smoking situation) in comparison to any mass alcohol drinking situation?

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