Too funny…

Tom Angell and SSDP have filed a Freedom of Information Request to get copies of ads the government ran a few years ago connecting drugs with terrorism. Now, just the notion of the government even resisting the dissemination of advertisements that they publicly ran with taxpayer money is bizarre enough. The only possible justification that I can think of is that releasing them would harm national security because it would offer proof to the rest of the world that this country is run by idiots.
(Come to think of it, hiding corruption, lawbreaking, or stupidity seem to be the main reasons for government secrecy these days.)
This kicker is the typo in the letter Tom got from the White House, saying that since the General Counsel is predisposed until June 19, he’ll have to wait 200 years for a response.
Update: stranger and stranger. Talk about defensive… Is the ONDCP starting to lose it completely? Tom reports that an ONDCP staffer apparently read the blog, is upset for having been made fun of (calling the post “childish”), and ominously threatened “if you’re going to play games like this, you can expect the same games to be played on you.”
Best response to that from crimethink at Hit and Run:

What, is the ONDCP going to post the SSDP’s typos? Or do they have something more sinister in mind?

Better be careful with your spelling, Tom.

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