Spitzer reverses position — New York could get Medical Marijuana?

Interesting news:

Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer, in a reversal of a campaign position, said Tuesday he could support legislation legalizing the use of marijuana for certain medicinal purposes.
The governor‰s position comes as lawmakers stepped up a push in the final two weeks of the 2007 session for New York to join 12 other states and allow marijuana for those suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis and other painful conditions.
In a debate last summer, Spitzer said he opposed medical marijuana. Now he said he is ‹openŠ to the idea after being swayed by advocates in the past couple of months.
‹On many issues, hopefully you learn, you study, you evolve. This is one where I had, as a prosecutor, a presumption against the use of any narcotic which wasn‰t designed purely for medicinal and medical effect. And now there are ways that persuaded me that it can be done properly,Š the governor told reporters.

Wait a second. Did I just read that a politician was willing to learn and change his position based on the facts? Wow.
Maybe there is some hope for this country.

[Thanks, Michael]

Update: The New York Assembly passed the medical marijuana bill 95-52 late today. Next stop, the Senate.

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