Some unbalanced light reading

Remember Avi Green — the comics guy who was so upset that Kirsten Dunst admitted to being pro-pot?
Well, now he’s written an… exposÚ about… me (and Radley Balko and a few others tossed in for fun).

A few days later, three or four other sites, including a ludicrous, pro-drug site called Drug War Rant, run by a strange man named Peter Guither, whose name sounds German, took a swipe at the post, […] For example, get a load of just how loathsome little Mr. Guither looks in the picture on the side in this profile page. Oh, and if Guither is reading this, just to let you know, you won’t be doing yourself a favor by dressing up like that! Even some junkies might admit that it’s even more frightening that any hallucinations illegal drugs themselves might cause!

Note how much difficulty he has in identifying the obvious sarcasm in the quote about Buckley.

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