Law enforcement incompetence should make you feel safer, I guess…

Here’s another one that makes you slam your head against a wall.

While acknowledging that police made a mistake in bursting into the wrong apartment for a drug raid, Annapolis Mayor Ellen O. Moyer yesterday cautioned that the city needs to maintain aggressive drug enforcement.

Why is this important to Mayor Ellen?

Ensuring public safety is the city’s goal, she said.
“Citizens want a restored sense of personal and community security, peace of mind and they want to feel safe,” she said.

Sounds good. So how does the city of Annapolis make you feel safe?

Members of the Police Department’s special team sent to raid an apartment in the Spa Cove complex at 8:20 p.m. Wednesday broke open the door and threw in a percussion grenade. Once inside, the tenants said, the officers kicked a man in the groin, and handcuffed him and a woman.
Police quickly realized they were at the wrong address.

Kicked in the groin = feeling safe? In what alternate dimension?
But they eventually got the “bad” guy, right?

When they went to the correct apartment, nobody was there and no drugs were found, police said.

I’m betting there are a couple of citizens of Annapolis who would personally like to help Mayor Ellen O. Moyer feel.. “safe.”

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