Covering up the evils of prohibition by recalling the salad days of… prohibition

This is just… so…

The Mexican border city of Tijuana, mired in drug violence, hopes to recall brighter days this summer by tossing three tonnes of Caesar salad, the dish invented in the town’s U.S. prohibition-era glory days.
The salad was born in 1932 in the kitchen of chef Cesar Cardini, according to the current owners of Caesar’s Hotel in Tijuana, a city that flourished as U.S. tipplers flooded its bars and casinos in search of legal alcohol.
While still drawing hordes of U.S. party-goers too young to drink across the border, Tijuana has been plagued by dozens of killings in recent years in a drug cartel war — an image locals hope a record-breaking side dish will help shake off.

I’ve really got to do something about all those head-shaped holes in my walls.

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