Call for poetry about the drug war

I ran across this singularly bad (and ignorant) piece of political poetry, supposedly about the drug war, and it got me thinking that maybe we have some poets in our midst who would like to try their hand at some real drug war poetry.
I’m not really talking about Ode to the Joint I Smoked Last Night (although that would be fun to read as well), but rather challenging and interesting political poetry dealing with the failures of the drug war, the incarceration, the trampling on the Constitution and individual rights, the funding of criminals and politicians (but I repeat myself).
Submit your poems to me and I’ll publish and promote the best of them on a special page in the site (please be sure to include whether you’d like your real name or a pseudonym used).
Any form of poem is welcome — haiku, limerick, free verse, ballad, sonnet, triplet, cinquain.
Submit your poems in comments, or email them to me. Here’s a couple I’ve thrown together to get you started:

coca leaves glisten
the rain noisily departs
nourishment? poison.


A failing Drug Czar from D.C.
To cover his ass did decree:
“I’ll demonize pot,
And lock up the lot,
For daring to think they are free.”

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