We are

Robert Koehler writes at the Huffington Post: Devil Weed — about the case of Bernie Ellis, yet another medical marijuana advocate harassed by the federal government.

Welcome to the Bush administration’s other bogus war: the war on drugs. Science be damned. Rationality, compassion and state’s rights be damned. What matters is the continual drawing of random and arbitrary borders, which are then ruthlessly defended no matter what. And with the drawing of borders comes the creation of enemies, and in the world of herbs, marijuana is the enemy — the devil weed, no matter how medically useful.
As Ellis noted, “Every federal commission since Nixon has recommended reclassifying marijuana, allowing it to re-enter the medical pharmacopoeia.” Yet the feds have been known to prosecute medical marijuana growers even in states that have legalized it.

So who do we turn to for relief? The answer is in the signature tag line that Bernie Ellis uses in his letters:

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

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