Open Thread

“bullet” A very nice article about the Northeast Regional SSDP conference: A look at a war we continue to lose, which starts out…

The war on drugs has long been about heavy bombing rather than thoughtful prevention.
Jails and prisons fill up due to mandatory sentencing laws. U.S. officials tell poor farmers in other countries that they have to destroy their cash crop because if they don‰t it will eventually go up the noses of bored Americans.
And the national drug appetite continues to grow and continues to demand more and more.
I remember once sitting in a college auditorium and listening to the petite Nancy Reagan bringing her ‹Just Say NoŠ message to students who probably had done more research on the subject than she had.
The first lady presented a scene of lightweight good intentions tossed at a heavy, ugly, far reaching problem.

Great job by Matthew Palevsky and the Brown SSDP chapter (along with the National board) in putting the conference together. Wish I could be there.
“bullet” Good article: Drug prohibition – lost liberty, money by Stephen Kershnar

Even if drug prohibition didn‰t involve a dizzying lack of respect for liberty, it probably doesn‰t pass a simple cost-benefit analysis. A corollary to the harm principle is something like the following: before you restrict liberty, you should have convincing evidence that the benefits of doing so outweigh the costs.

“bullet” If you’re in Austin, go see attorney Charlie Roadman’s second annual Marijuana Law for Musicians talk next Thursday. Learn the answers to the important questions like “Can the police search your guitar case?” Sounds like a valuable and fun session.

“bullet” Those of you in the BC area should check out the No More Drug War Film Fest this weekend, featuring Damage Done: The Drug War Odyssey and Waiting to Inhale at the Roxy Theatre in Victoria (2657 Quadra St.) on April 14 and in Vancouver at the Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour St.) on April 15. Start times for both locations is 12:30 p.m.

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