Open Thread

“bullet” LEAP’s Howard Woolridge has a great OpEd in the Huntington, WV Herald Dispatch: Legalizing drugs is better way to fight problem.
Update: That article appears to be gone from the paper’s website, but it’s available here.
“bullet” With friends like these… At Townhall, a rather… odd… message of support for decriminalization from Burt Prelutsky: Prison Reform
“bullet” There will be a Peaceful Potheads Protest in Philadelphia at the Liberty Bell on April 20-21.
“bullet” [blood pressure alert] Drug Warrior Joyce Nalepka writes a letter. This is the woman who also once wrote:

“Students for Sensible Drug Policy is a militant fringe of the drug legalization movement. As parents, we would treat membership in SSDP as firmly as we would treat drug use. Stop the behavior and resign from the group or pay your own tuition.”

[Thanks Andy and Chris]
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