A few facts about drugs

  1. Legal drugs are good for you. Illegal drugs will instantly destroy your life.
  2. If you eliminate supply, there will be no demand.
  3. There is a finite number of drug dealers. If we can get them all in jail, then there will be no drug sales and we’ll end the drug problem.
  4. If police get bigger weapons, the criminals will give up.
  5. There is no such thing as smoked medicine.
  6. Drug legalizers want your children to use crack.
  7. $25,000 a year in prison costs is a reasonable price for taxpayers to pay to keep a pot smoker from getting stoned on his couch.
  8. If a young person experiments with drugs, the best way to help them turn around their lives is to keep them out of extracurricular activities and prevent them from attending college.
  9. Fumigating fields in Colombia helps us win the hearts and minds of the farmers, saves the rainforests, and brings peace and tranquility to Latin America
  10. The reason the Russians failed in Afghanistan is that they didn’t destroy enough crops.
  11. Drug-free school zones are an excellent deterrent.
  12. DEA agents all receive extensive medical training and are much better qualified than doctors to advise you regarding medication.
  13. If you have nothing to hide, you have no reason to worry.
  14. Politicians care about the children.

Happy April 1.
Add your own facts in comments.

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