Open Thread

“bullet” Why isn’t the author of this piece locked up with the other pedophiles?
“bullet” Lou Dobbs’ most recent convoluted declamation dressed up as a poll question:

QUICKVOTE: Are you outraged that the U.S. attorney had evidence sealed regarding a second drug load that was brought into the U.S. by the Mexican drug smuggler given immunity in the case against Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean? ___Yes___No

“bullet” Drug Czar finally tells the truth:

“The drug dealer is us,” said Walters, the national drug policy director.

“bullet” Kathryn Johnston’s real killer

Cops fired the fatal bullets on Nov. 21 in Johnston’s west Atlanta home, but the real culprit is the 36-year-old “war on drugs.”

“bullet” The Liberty Papers: The War on Drugs Helps Terrorists.
“bullet” Drug Czar pushes discredited and disproved links between marijuana and suicide/depression (in fact, studies (pdf) have shown the reverse).
“bullet” The
list of things that kill more people than marijuana

[Thanks, Allan, Jay, Bill]
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