Steve Kubby Released!

Via Hammer of Truth, comes this report that Steve Kubby has been released from jail.

I just spoke with a very happy Steve Kubby, who was released from Placer County jail this afternoon, where he had been held since January 27th, following his expulsion from Canada on January 26th.[…]
… it appears that Kubby was freed once again at the initiative of the Placer County jailers and sheriff who are still refusing to do the dirty work of their higher ups, who like to have their underlings do their killing for them.
As MarijuanaNews reported last week, Steve has lost 25 pounds in the last month. Marinol has controlled most of the symptoms of his adrenal cancer, but this remains a very dangerous and unethical medical experiment because of the absence of the other cannabinoids.

Kubby is still scheduled to return to court on March 14.
Update: Nice article in the LA Times.

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