Some common sense in Scotland?


EDINBURGH, Scotland, March 7 (UPI) — Scotland’s top drug war official said controlling the supply of heroin to addicts may be better than the rising use of the methadone alternative.
Tom Wood, chairman of the Edinburgh Drugs and Alcohol Action Team, said the addictive methadone is being used too much and one alternative may be to prescribe heroin to such users.
The Scotsman reports Woods call comes after Switzerland conducted the first ever wide-scale inquiry in to the positives of heroin prescription as a way to wean users off the drug.
The Swiss study showed it could quicken the pace of recovery and lower drug-related crime.
Wood received cautious applause from some political, law enforcement and drug abuse groups.
Some, like Mothers Against Drugs, said it was the wrong way to address the rising use of methadone.

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