Save us from the busybodies

In Williamsburg, Vermont, a random drug testing proposal had almost been passed by the school board and was held up when it was discovered that some people opposed the idea.
So they had a spirited discussion from people on both sides of the issue, and came up with a compromise. School sponsored voluntary drug testing (parents could sign up for it). Now, to me, it’s still a waste of school funds that could be used in much better ways, and I feel sorry for the kids whose parents fall for it, but still, it’s a compromise that should please those who want testing, right?
Wrong. Those supporting random testing for all students were outraged at the compromise.

Proponent Ginger Crapse promised after the meeting to begin a petition drive to make the two School Board representatives from Williamsburg into elected positions, instead of appointed posts.

And this gets to the heart of it. They don’t want to drug test their kids. They want to drug test your kids. And they don’t want you to have any say in the matter.

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