Drug Testing Summit going on Today

Tom Angell of Dare Generation Diary is live-blogging the Drug Testing Summit in Falls Church, Virginia.
They’ve brought in the big guns. The Drug Czar himself is there to promote his government-sponsored fetish of watching children pee in a cup.
SSDP has been doing a great job keeping on top of this issue. You can be sure that even though this event is a one-sided government snow-job attempt, they won’t get away with it, because the other side will be there to get interviewed by the media and to get our message out to the educators.
Related: An editorial in the Newport News, Virginia Daily Press somewhat gently chided those strident parents who were outraged that only a voluntary drug testing program had been implemented.

Empowering Parents Works Better Than Supplanting Them
“Please, someone, please – be the parent.”
That was the echo that seemed to reverberate around many of the pleas by parents, students and community members, as they stood before the Williamsburg-James City County School Board and begged it to implement student drug testing. They told heartfelt and heart-wrenching stories of children, siblings and friends whose lives had been left in shambles, or taken entirely, by drugs. Over and over they asked: If there had been drug testing, might the problem have been detected and the tragedy headed off?
What they were searching for was someone to do that testing, to get involved. Someone to act like a parent.
The School Board wisely realized that its job is not to fill that function by imposing drug testing on students, but to help parents fulfill it by offering a voluntary testing program parents can choose to take advantage of. […]
And, of course, parents don’t have to wait for a program. Those home kits are on the shelves of drug stores, and local labs are open for business.

The rebuke is a soft one, but it’s clearly there.

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