Do Prohibitionists Lie?

… Even when their lips aren’t moving.
In Nevada, where there is an initiative to legalize marijuana, people are getting push poll automated phone calls with the following message:

There is a proposal to legalize marijuana. This proposal will make marijuana available in grocery stores and convenience stores similar to buying a pack of cigarettes. Do you support the proposal to legalize marijuana? Please press 1 for yes, press 2 for no, and if you’re undecided, please press 3.

So what does the initiative say? Could it perhaps be vague?

Sec. 21. 1. The Department may not issue a license as a retailer or wholesaler to an establishment: […]
(b) That is engaged in business as a gas station, convenience store, grocery store, night club, dance hall or licensed gaming establishment; […]

Nope. An outright, intentional lie. Despicable. Hope they find out who’s behind the calls.

[Thanks, Travis]
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