Stupid District Attorney

More stupidity.

A Lake Geneva man could face 37 years in prison after he allegedly had marijuana in his system during a fatal crash in Muskego last September.

Brent Ehret, 21, was charged Friday with one count of vehicular homicide with a controlled substance in his blood and one count of causing great bodily harm by use of a vehicle with a controlled substance in his blood. He was also charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

This is one of these new cases of charging someone simply because there were traces of tetrahydrocannabinol in the blood (Ehret claimed he had smoked the day before), without any indication of impairment.
But here’s the kicker. Check out this quote by idiot District Attorney Paul Bucher:

“The nice thing about this law is you don’t need to prove (someone) is under the influence,” he said, adding that Ehret enjoys a presumption of innocence until proven otherwise. “You shouldn’t be driving under the influence of a controlled substance, period.”

Does he even have a clue as to the words coming out of his mouth?

[Thanks to Scott]
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