Prohibition corrupts


MEXICO CITY – Eleven federal agents were charged with kidnapping four alleged drug hit men and possibly helping rival traffickers kill them, as depicted on a brutal DVD made public, the Mexican Attorney General’s office said Thursday.

The federal agents – who also face charges of drug trafficking, organized crime and weapons possession – were paid by a rival cartel, said Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, Mexico’s top anti-drug prosecutor.

The victims – four men seen beaten and bound on the video, one of whom was shot in the head at the end of the tape – identify themselves as members of a band of Mexican soldiers-turned-hit men believed to work for the Gulf cartel, known as the Zetas.

So you’ve got corrupt Mexican federal agents in an all-out revenge war with corrupt former soldiers who were trained by the U.S. to hunt drug traffickers.
The drug war is so corrupt that we now have a situation where both sides of feuding drug gangs are made up of former “good” guys. You never have a shortage of bad guys with a drug war. Prohibition just makes more of them for you!

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