Open Thread

I’ve still got a few more days of craziness to finish up the semester with finals and a trip to Chicago with the Madrigal Singers for their 50th Anniversary (they’ll be performing at the Chicago Cultural Center on Saturday Night and the Palmer House Restaurant on Sunday morning. So, sorry for the lack of posts, but you know what to do.
Dare Generation Diary has been doing great, so read them regularly (and Libby at Last One Speaks and Jeralyn at TalkLeft).
And of course Radley Balko’s posts on Cory Maye have shaken up the entire blogosphere, from Atrios to Instapundit (it would be nice if more of them were discussing the issue of drug raids rather than focusing solely on home self-defense).
The media has actually been reporting the fact that the government is being sued to allow additional marijuana growing for research purposes. Of course, that’s something we’ve been talking about here for months. They trial was on hiatus and has started up again.
The media is also, unusually, continuing to report the GAO’s trashing of Plan Colombia. Could it be that it won’t be swept under the rug this time?

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