Another open thread

So much going on, I wish I had time to post right now.
“bullet” The Agitator is still working the Cory Maye story.
“bullet” The converstaion with DAMMAD’s Steve Steiner continues at Dare Generation Diary
“bullet” Federal Judge Calls DEA’s View of Hemp ‘Asinine’ (no kidding!)
“bullet” Feingold notes that the sneak and peak provisions of the Patriot Act are mostly used to go after drug cases. (It’s not really about terrorism — it’s about going after our own citizens.) Add the fact that a meth bill was added to the Patriot Act, and it becomes sickeningly transparent that the politicians don’t really care about terrorism, but like having it around to use as a club to scare people into giving up rights.
At the same time, several major media sources revealed that the Bush administration may have been illegally spying on American citizens for several years, and Congress is asking for an investigation.
Perhaps in part because of this, the Patriot Act extension was temporarily derailed yesterday as the Senate failed to invoke cloture (the ending of discussion), but Frist at the last minute switched his vote to no (knowing it was losing) so he can bring it up for a vote again at any time. There will likely be some arm twisting going on.
What will happen? Is it possible for the American public to rise up and say “We won’t give up our rights any longer.”?

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