The DEA strikes again!

In a nationally coordinated effort, operation Justify Our Budget (or JOB, for short) came to a stunning conclusion today.
487 DEA agents, working with local law enforcement officials, went into stores in 73 cities around the country and bought bags of Doritos. Some agents purchased two, and one agent in Phoenix, Arizona actually came away with five. The bags had a street value of $1 to $3, based on size and whether they were cheesier.
All the bags will be taken to a secure site where they will be destroyed.
DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy said in a statement. “This shows what we can do with significant resources around the country working together. This will absolutely decimate the Doritos supply in the United States.”
When reached for comment, a Doritos spokesman said, “Crunch all you want. We’ll make more.”

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