Harriet Miers, Supreme Court Justice?

This is certainly the surprise nomination. Bush’s personal lawyer, charges of cronyism, early positive statements from Daily Kos and Harry Reid, conservative bloggers’ heads explode, and threats of a Republican filibuster?
It’s hard to know what to think. However, (via Volokh Conspiracy) &c. blog notes this piece of writing from Harriet Miers:

[…] The same liberties that ensure a free society make the innocent vulnerable to those who prevent rights and privileges and commit senseless and cruel acts. Those precious liberties include free speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of liberties, access to public places, the right to bear arms and freedom from constant surveillance. We are not willing to sacrifice these rights because of the acts of maniacs.[…]

Additionally, we are reminded that success in fighting crime in our nation is more than treating symptoms. We will be successful in solving our massive crime problems only when we attack the root causes. All of us, men and women, young and old, must pledge ourselves to address the ills that surround us in our communities.

We all can be active in some way to address the social issues that foster criminal behavior, such as: lack of self-esteem or hope in some segments of our society, poverty, lack of health care (particularly mental health care), lack of education, and family dysfunction.

Now, while drug laws are not specifically mentioned, it seems hopeful that she, at least at one time, believed that giving up rights to fight crime was not the answer.

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