Cannabis leads to criminality?

This is just silly. Via the always excellent >Drug Sense Weekly: Cannabis Smoking Leads To Criminality, Judge Tells Arsonist

A judge issued a warning about what he believes to be a clear link between cannabis and crime when jailing a drug user.

Judge Anthony Niblett told an arsonist who had set fire to his former girlfriend’s house while under the influence of the drug: “Those whose minds are steeped in cannabis are capable of quite extraordinary criminality.”

Well, what exactly was the evidence that led the judge to this remarkable conclusion? Check this out:

[West] had set light to [his girlfriend’s] house in a rage fuelled by cannabis and vodka, the court was told.

West, from Cowfold, West Sussex, was a heavy cannabis smoker and also used heroin, cocaine and crack. Lisa Williams, his former partner, told police that West had become increasingly moody and aggressive in the weeks before the attack. On the night of the arson he suddenly punched her and said he was going to burn down the house with all of them inside.

I’m used to the idea that people automatically assume that if anybody uses pot and also does something bad that it’s the fault of the pot and not the person. But to single pot out of that laundry list of problems above is just irresponsibly stupid.

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