New Orleans stories

“bullet” The depressing clean-up effort

In New Orleans’s downtown, most of it on higher and drier land, authorities allowed business owners to check their buildings Monday. Dump trucks with claws plucked the growing piles of debris from street corners and the air rumbled with the sound of generators.

“The least we can do is clean up our own streets,” Wallace Kimbrough, 43, said as he pried debris out of the storm drain beside his home in the French Quarter. “Hey,” he exclaimed, holding up a plastic bag he pulled from the muck. “Somebody lost their marijuana seeds.”

[Thanks to Laura]

“bullet” The helicopters finally arrive to assist New Orleans residents…

…you know what the police were doing here where I live? Flying their helicopters looking for marijuana growing in people’s backyards. They swooped on a guy who ran out in his backyard and tried to burn down his four pot plants when he heard their copters coming.

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