Let them Pay and Learn

“bullet” Via Libby at Last one Speaks comes Pueblo Family Gets $230K For Mistaken SWAT Raid

PUEBLO, Colo. — A Pueblo family who said masked police officers broke into their home without a warrant will get a $230,000 settlement from local, state and federal officials. […]

The settlement called for the city and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration to pay the family $100,000 each. The state will pay $30,000.

“bullet” Via TalkLeft comes more on the Utah rave permit

The permit in question now fuels pending legal action against Utah County. Brian M. Barnard, attorney for Childs and the concert promoters, High Point Productions and Uprok Records, said he’ll file a civil-rights suit in federal court. While Barnard has not yet filed a formal complaint, he’s confident the law is on his client’s side. […]

“I don’t think there’s any question that the sheriff misapplied the ordinance and acted improperly,” Barnard said, adding that the raid was discriminatory and an act of censorship. “If individuals break the law, punish them. But don’t assume that everyone who goes to a rap, hip-hop, or electronic music concert is a criminal.” The Sheriff’s Office did not return phone calls.

If enough towns start having to pay huge settlements, maybe they’ll start to wonder if these gung-ho SWAT style task forces are really worth it.

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