I’m not sure quite what to make of this…

… or how much to believe, but in a special to the World Tribune.com: Cannabis new drug of choice to finance Al Qaida

ABU DHABI — Saudi security sources said Sunni insurgents have been smuggling illegal drugs from Iraq to Saudi Arabia to finance insurgency attacks against coalition forces.

The sources said the drugs being smuggling now tend to be cannabis.

“In the space of one year, border police intercepted 10 tons of cannabis coming from Iraq,” a Saudi source said. “In the past, the [smuggled] merchandise used to consist of alcoholic beverages and prohibited drugs.”

So let’s see, we go to Afghanistan and it becomes the largest source of opium in that part of the world. We go to Iraq, and it becomes the supplier of marijuana to Saudi Arabia.
The notion that we have the power or capability of stopping the production, distribution, or consumption of illicit drugs anywhere is laughable.
And, of course, regarding the claim that Al Qaida is being financed by the marijuana, remember that marijuana has nothing to do with it. The black market has everything to do with it.

[Thanks to John]
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