Around the world

I’ve just started rehearsals as musical director for Marat/Sade – quite a fascinating challenge, so my posting may occassionally be erratic.
For today, let’s take an interesting trip around the world…
“bullet” Controversy in Mexico over the decision by the Catholic Church to accept donations from drug traffickers. The Bishop says such money can be “purified” by giving it to the church. Government spokesmen call it money laundering.
“bullet” Russia is considering mass mandatory drug testing for college students and prospective college students. Students testing positive would be thrown out in 24 hours, and refusal to take a test would be the same as a positive test. [Thanks, Herb]
“bullet” China is expanding its drug enforcement bureaucracy.
“bullet” Nigeria has apparently been bamboozled into believing that using the United States Drug Enforcement Agency as a role model is a good thing.
“bullet” In Great Britain, David Cameron, a Tory and possible future leader of the conservative party calls for the United Nations to legalize drugs and let individual countries try their own approaches.
“bullet” Iran is concerned about opium and feels that “at least a 10-year period is needed to smash the facilities of drug production in Afghanistan.” Dream on.
“bullet” The Philipines always manages to find bizarre and provocative stories to promote their drug war. This is a prime example: Druggie Rapes Deranged Sister
“bullet” Australians are slow to learn the lesson: Do not go to Indonesia.
“bullet” The Colombian army discovered a huge cocaine lab. Yawn. Likely effect on cocaine prices: 0.
“bullet” In Amsterdam, “a television presenter on a new Dutch talk show plans to take heroin and other illegal drugs on air in a program intended to reach young audiences on topics that touch their lives.” It’s called the “Shoot Up and Swallow Show.” [Thanks, Tim]
“bullet” “Japan’s flea markets have become ‘lawless zones,’ according to Weekly Playboy (10/4), with perverts, purveyors of putrid porno and pimps of drugs like magic mushrooms running amok.”

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