Who signs your checks, Andrea?

Steve at Decrimwatch notes that good old Andrea Barthwell is in Peoria today. Oh well, I missed her talk at White Oaks Center today, where she apparently planned to include her usual warning of the dangerously potent pot that’s been destroying the country and supposedly has already wiped out Canada. Steve does a great job of fisking some of her comments.
However, there’s one point that puzzles me about this article. Who is paying Andrea Barthwell to travel to Peoria, Illinois and spread disinformation? After all, she is formerly with the Drug Czar’s office but no longer working for the government as far as I know. Is the ONDCP illegally paying her? Or is she getting paid by White Oaks, which depends on much of its income from the criminal justice referrals of marijuana “addicts.” Or does she just like doing it? Inquiring minds want to know.
I’ve asked the Peoria Journal Star if they’d clarify. We’ll see.

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