Really stupid legislator tricks

How do they come up with this stuff?
Columbia, Missouri:

Republican State Sen.æ Chuck Gross proposed legislation Wednesday that would prohibit public schools from holding athletic tournaments in Columbia.

Gross’ proposal comes in response to two measures the city’s voters approved in November.æ One makes marijuana arrests the lowest priority of city law enforcement, and the other allows marijuana to be used in the city for medical reasons.

The legislation proposed by Gross would bar schools that receive state money from participating in “sporting events or athletic tournaments” in cities with marijuana laws similar to Columbia’s.

I keep hearing talk about what “message we’re sending to the children.” Well, if the children have half a brain, the message is loud and clear: It’s politicians who need to be locked up!
Of course, every legislature gets a ton of these silly season bills every year. Hopefully, this one won’t be given any serious consideration.

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