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“bullet” What Are They Smoking? by Gersh Kuntzman in Newsweek…

It’s like what I’ve always been saying: The main problem with the federal government is that its marijuana stinks.

(an article on the efforts to develop an alternative legal research marijuana crop in the U.S.)
“bullet” Marijuana Policies Lack Focus in the North Adams Transcript..

The legal system is expensive. There are judges to be paid, as well as prosecutors, defense attorneys, bailiffs, probation officers, and a host of other law enforcement personnel who must deal with the comings and goings of citizens who end up in court and in correctional facilities. …

Last Wednesday, the Williamstown Police Department pulled over a Bennington, Vt., woman for various and sundry traffic violations. That’s all well and good.

However, after finding a wooden box in her possession, which contained “what appeared to be ashes from burnt marijuana,” the police should’ve thought twice.

This particular editorial not only points out the insanity of prosecuting small-time marijuana offenses, but also, in an aside, points out what I’ve been talking about regarding driving:

On a more general note, when was the last time you heard of someone being charged with driving while under the influence of marijuana? Unlike drunk drivers, it seems that “weed freaks,” as they are called in the parlance of our times, are too paranoid to drive fast or dangerously, and evidently, don’t pose the same kind of threat.

There’s a lot more in this editorial that shows an editorial staff that is willing to learn, is being “smart” about marijuana, and isn’t buying all the propaganda.
This is an excellent sign.

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