I offer my assistance to President Bush

So it appears that President Bush is prepared to eliminate entire budget lines to reduce the deficit:

He plans to fulfill his pledge to halve the record $413 billion federal budget deficit by submitting a 2006 budget next month that includes nothing for some programs. He wouldn’t name them.

“We will present a budget that wisely spends the people’s money, that cuts the deficit in half, that will enable me to get up in front of the people and say those programs that aren’t working won’t be getting extra money, and some of the programs won’t be getting any money at all,” he said.

I can give you a big jump start on that deficit reduction:

Total Federal drug program: $12.6 billion (via ONDCP)

Just zero that baby out. After all, the GAO has consistently given the DEA and ONDCP failing grades for accomplishing anything, and I think we can survive without the $145 million spent on the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign or the $23 million for drug testing. We can get along without busting sick people who take medical marijuana (let the states handle it). And we don’t need to investigate people who make glass pipes.
We could probably find a couple of other pockets of money that could be saved in this effort. Federal prison costs could be reduced without the clogging from those pesky non-violent drug criminals, and think what we could save in eradication chemicals in Columbia and Afghanistan.
Just trying to do my part to help the President. Think he’ll listen?

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