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October 2021



Ending Drug Prohibition: The Key is the Republican 2012 Primary

To follow up on Pete’s post regarding political conservatives favoring an end to prohibition I must add that now is a great chance to start working to place a drug policy reform candidate on the GOP 2012 presidential ticket. We can wait for Congress to reschedule cannabis and other substances, and pass more reform oriented […]

Letter Of The Week

Each week, I read the all of the published letters to the editor on drug policy that are archived at the Media Awareness Project. Then I select the five that clearly and concisely call for an end to drug prohibition, in my opinion. I send these top five out to a relatively small email list, […]

Legalizing drugs not that easy. . . . for politicians

In response to a member of LEAP calling for an end to prohibition to make the streets of Chicago safer, the Chicago Sun Times ran this follow up letter to the editor on Monday, “Legalizing drugs not that easy.” What I found interesting about the letter is that it is not directly opposed to legalizing […]

Reform Conference Finale

Well the final day of the conference came and went yesterday; here are some of my thoughts on the panels I attended and the closing plenary.

Panel: Intoxicants, Addiction, & the Future of Drug Control Moderator: Harry Levine (Queens College) Panelists: Stanton Peele (New School Univ.) and Craig Reinarman (UC-Santa Cruz).

This panel had all […]

Psychedelics at the Drug Policy Reform Conference

Friday was a psychedelic day for me as all three panels I attended covered current research into the use of psychedelics for cognitive, behavioral, and psychological treatment for systems ranging from end-of-life anxiety, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anorexia, cancer, depression, and addictive disorders.

One highlight for me was to hear Dennis McKenna speak twice—first on […]

Reform Conference Day 2

Panel: Fundraising in a tough economy Facilitator and Panelist: Clovis Thorn (DPA), Panelists: asha bandele (DPA), David Glowka (DPA), Leonard Noisette (OSI).

This panel was interesting for me since fundraising has become a necessary evil for me in my efforts to reform drug policy on the state and local level in Illinois. I hate asking […]

Day 1 Reform Conference Breakout Sessions

Panel: Mandatory Madness: The Zero Tolerance Drug War on Immigrants. Moderator Judy Greene (Justice Strategies) Panelists: Marcela Diaz (Somos Un Pueblo Unido), Michelle Fei (Immigrant Defense Project), Joan Friedland (National Immigration Law Center), Nicole Porter (The Sentencing Project), Grant Smith (DPA) and Elsa Lopez (Somos Un Pueblo Unido).

This panel was great although very depressing […]

Thoughts from tamara

Hello everyone!

This is my first DPA conference, and I am very happy that I came. There is a sense of great hope here for the future of the drug policy reform movement. I find most people here extremely knowledgeable, intelligent, and passionate, which explains, perhaps, the truth behind the words Ethan Nadelman spoke at […]

DPA Conference Arrival and Opening Plenary

Hello Drug War Rant community! I am proud to be guest blogging here while attending the Drug Policy Alliance conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico and will do my best to cover the conference. Plus, I will try to throw in a few rants and peripheral commentary just to keep things in tune with the Drug […]