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December 2012
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Obama administration floats trial balloon in New York Times (Updated)

There’s nothing this administration hates worse than leakers… except when it’s doing the leaking intentionally to use the media.

There’s no better tool for official leaks than the New York Times, which has a policy against using unnamed government sources — a policy that it ignores constantly.

Administration Weighs Legal Action Against States That Legalized […]

Breaking the Taboo

Breaking news: Sky fails to fall

In the state of Washington, people are now apparently legally smoking pot and getting gay-married (though not necessarily both at once), and from browsing the news reports, it appears that God has neglected to smite anyone, and there are no reports of rampant cannibalism or other societal collapses.

It’s still early, though, so we’ll keep […]

Breaking the Taboo opens tomorrow

The new documentary, Breaking the Taboo opens tomorrow… on YouTube. Interesting notion to have a film open on YouTube, but it certainly is a good way to get wider distribution immediately. Based on the trailer, it sure looks like it could be a good one.

At the link above, you can also sign their petition […]